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I i see myself. As a racist and there's several definitions of races. And i hate everybody equally. And i love everybody equally in the nuance to thinking. Haning certain things about certain groups of people in loving certain things about certain groups of people in understanding that everyone still an individual. I can talk about what. The arab world did to african history. I could talk about that all day. That's brutal yeah. You want to see some real brutality. The muslim slave trade was vicious crazy. Barbie trae leave trade. So but i got muslim franson homeys. Why my business partners muslim. They don't take it as. Oh my god islamaphobia. You know what i mean but i've come to learn that there's another group of people. You're never allowed to criticize and i've learned my lesson. Said all well actually not allowed to talk about them. So as myself why stack i've realized was as they were clever enough to create a whole bunch of lobbying groups that basically monitor speech surrounding them so i said to myself well. Where's our groups and then our group is c. P when you go look at that you see a whole bunch of european faces and white passing negros. Oh we ain't got none all of our groups. Basically co opted and controlled for example is a guy the other dated. Grow tweet about hitler lost. His job lost his job because one of those groups that monitor speech online blue checked up did the investigation in reached out to job in like they have people on watch that dude at should all day right now go oh tweets and says very clever way to guard your intellectual property and guard your likeness. So i i'm very. I like to think in power. Right in terms of power saigo. That's intellectual to operate with your group like that is intellectual black people are unintellectual with our likeness. Our portrayed on tv as long as we're there right in china. Many edit the movies before they even get china. Yeah if you're not even allowed to portray chinese people as thieves in movies. Hollywood is demanded to edit things up black. Panthers face had to be edited up on the cover. Four went over to china right. Nobody says anything about that either. It's a really what it comes down to is power which group has the most power and who's operating in an organized manner. Yeah yeah no. I completely agree with you. And i think that it's It's always interesting whenever you and look like we're all human beings so like we get some things right. We got some things wrong. You know what i mean. And you're like that's just the nature of the human but it's interesting when you touch on one topic especially when you're just asking questions about it and you realize this is like a third rail and if you are like intellectually curious usually people's reaction to that is like okay. Why why is this. Such a third rail. Why is this the topic. I'm not allowed to talk about and my response that i said you know to To like a couple people who tweeted at me this. Why are you talking to hotel. Pisa his of semite. And i'd be like yeah but people also call me racist so like why wouldn't you want us to have a conversation. Wouldn't that be better. But the truth is that a lot of these things get get completely driven underground hip and you're not allowed to have a conversation about it and then you don't end up hammering anything out or working things out and like i'll tell you i was like look. I grew up about a mile from crown heights. Where there were like straight up blake verse black riots and stuff and i was like slick. There's some tensions between these two communities. Maybe it's not the worst thing in the world that there's some communication between them and the truth is that the. I think that most of the time when when at least in crown heights for shore. And i think for the most part when the relationships between like the black community and the jewish community is usually landlord tenant. It's usually kind of like the power imbalance. Yeah is kind of pretty directly on one side. And i'm not like some comedies like abolish landlords or anything like that. But i'm just saying that it's like if there is a group that is like pissed off and or says something wrong. Are you really saying that. We should persecute the group who has no power in the relationship for saying the wrong thing. Is that the spirit like tolerance. now it just. That's something about that. Seems wrong to me in a rather like have this conversation and the other thing is that what it all really comes down to Whatever anyone's views are it's like. What are you advocating like. What are you advocating. We do so even when you started talking about reparations before that's where my mind starts going it's like oh what are you advocating. We do. And then you're like tax credits. Let black people keep more of their own money. I'm like yeah i like. Yeah that seems like what it really comes down to his what policy. You're advocating and what you're advocating is like let stop robbing us. Let us build up our own power and then we won't need to complain about your power. That's to me seems like great. I don't know what's the problem with that Absolutely absolutely i love that. You brought up the crowd ice thing because you know what i was quoted about. That's exactly what i was talking about. Oh really yeah. I mean when you're quote unquote hotel. You know that's probably like the second subject you taught about taught about is relationship between jews and blacks. It's we've been on the ass. Woman receiving ended at relationship for a very long time. You know even when we talk about slavery you know. You're not allowed to talk about that. But as long as i say a white people did slavery it's like it's cool and that's the thing that that can't really be logically explained like why is that. Not if if somebody said white people enslaved black people in this country the least defensive statement ever yeah. There's nothing nobody has a problem but it has all the same problems while not every white person is like yeah okay. I know as a trend. The vast majority of slave owners were white and the vast majority of slaves were black and both sides so we tend to say that and but yes. You're you're not allowed to talk about any other. Disproportionate influence in trade. You know i'm scared to talk about it right to.

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