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Bobby Lashley, Corey Graves, Eric Bischoff discussed on Notsam Wrestling


The first ten minutes of the match bobby lashley li i think unless you know braun strowman ends up spearing bobby lashley through the stage through the video wall that's on the stage sparks went everywhere corey graves dropped and ask bomb they went to a a wide angle shot they really made it seem real they said the word hospital when they got back on the air which he never here on wwl tv they loaded a braun and bobby in a separate the ambulances which i thought was a nice touch a an immediately people are going this is the paul heyman show this is a paul heyman episode of raw now based on what i saw on raw and smackdown i really think it yes the after the announcement of the hiring of paul heyman eric bischoff did the w w e kind of feels like there once again kicking it into another gear and they feel like they're kind of reestablishing exactly what they're doing you know you got a lot going on on raw i set it on twitter and i stand by the first hour of that show who's the best first hour of raw all year and they episode as a whole might have been the best episode of raw all year 'em it clearly adventure man's fingerprints all over it still this was not an episode which is produced by paul heyman within two minutes approval this is something that i i wouldn't be shocked at all vince mcmahon decided he wanted a move his shows in different directions and he still is in charge of both those shows but because the news of paul heyman eric bischoff went out there people are assuming.

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