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Safe Christy king WTO P news Despite so many children being vaccinated protection he is waning and many kids are still testing positive As the end of the school year gets closer we go to the school zone WTO's new weekly feature focusing on education across the D.C. region At the end of last month D.C. said its school system reported 451 cases in a week the highest since the end of the winter surge cases increased more during the weeks of May 1st in May 8th In fairfax county doctor Ben Schwartz with the county's health department says the number of COVID cases has been increasing With nearly 4000 students testing positive so far this month Montgomery county reported more than 3000 cases in schools over the past ten days Over the last two weeks overall cases are up more than a 100% in D.C. and Maryland and up 63% in Virginia the number of people hospitalized with COVID in our region is slowly increasing but deaths from the virus remain low You can read more on COVID and schools at WTO P dot com check out the school zone Up ahead funerals begin for the victims of Saturday's racist mass shooting in Buffalo It's 5 36 This is George Wallace And let's face it every time you set out on a major home improvement project like let's say getting a new roof it's never easy You want to make sure you choose the right company to do it You want to make sure you can pay for it I had multiple contractors not return my phone calls after giving me an estimate That all changed When I called Patrick fingers at new look home design After that problem solved With new look it's different They offer same day onsite or virtual estimates transparent line by line pricing and a 3D rendering of your roof so you'll know exactly what it'll look like And as far as paying for it most contractors will let you pay half.

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