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It once in a pet store and fell in love with it and it's always always stuck in my head there it is that's like your slumdog millionaire. That's where you had that piece of information from yeah and even even the black ghost knife fish. It's face actually looks a little cat fishy now that I'm working of close but it's weird you'll even faces. Look a little catfish. Yeah we are yeah so these are different than the deals that are in lock ness. Yes those are real those are real eels yeah okay absolutely nothing to do with each other except they both both appeared in this episode of the ESPN and they're both called her heels. All Right Evan gives a quote when any prevailing prejudices this is attacked the wise will consider and leave the narrow minded to rail with thoughtless vehemence at innovation and that was written in by a woman named Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Mary Shelley well a vindication of the rights of women. This is actually actually the mother Oh Clo- Mary Shelley Frankenstein fame so her mother who who who wrote this and who who wrote the book treat US yeah the treatise of indication of the rights of women considered one of the earliest works of feminist philosophy and I'm basically argues that women should have an education commensurate with their position in society and that it's an it's essential for the nation in the nation's best best interest frankly for for to be educated appropriately. I mean seventeen ninety two wow out of her time boy. I tell you well. She was vindicated. I absolutely took a couple of hundred years added right couple century later but it finally caught up but she was one of the first ones in without her. We wouldn't have Frankenstein that is true yeah. It's pronounced Frankenstein uh-huh Tigor then. Isn't it sure all right guys well. Thank you all for joining me this week. Thanks you got him in and welcome back Cara. Thank you STU and until next week this is your skeptics guide to the universe sceptic's Universe is produced by S G productions dedicated to promoting science and critical thinking for more information visit us at Pyschopathic skied dot or send your questions to Info at the skeptics Guy Dot Org and if he would like to support the show and all the work that we do go to the Patriots Dot com slash skeptic skied and.

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