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All right. The partial shutdown is over. Well, at least we think it's over until February fifteenth, and then we'll see if it happens again, it's not going to I would be shocked if it if it would happen again. Although a very interesting sidebar story is while Trump was getting nailed for this. He was the one that it was being blamed by the vast majority of Americans. He didn't lose one point among his base. It stayed among Republicans Eighty-three percent, even if it's his fault the shutdown. Even if people lost their jobs they supported him. So what does the actual cost? Well, most well for load workers those federal workers eight hundred thousand of them whether they were working or not are going to be paid their back pay. So in terms of the cost of the five week shutdown. You've got two different numbers. You've got the money that will be recovered. And then the money that has been permanently lost. Three billion has been permanently lost half the cost of the wall. And this is a report by the Congressional Budget Office, which is nonpartisan. The report said that the shutdown had much more significant effects on individual businesses and workers than it did the overall economy now, we talked to all kinds of communists, or reported on all kinds of economists. How is it going to affect the overall economy and not very much? They'll actually be an increase in the economy. There'll be a rebound, incidentally, because everybody's back to work and the paychecks are going to hit a lot of people. And of course, they're gonna start buying again. Because no one could buy anything for three weeks. And so you can bet who's gonna take who do you think is going to take the credit for any rebound. You see the economy has rebounded is doing really well, see? And then I have a question with that too. Because if the government shutdown happens again in three weeks will people who haven't gotten a paycheck for the past month, or so are gun shy. Right now. So maybe they're not gonna go buy anything right away could be enforced savings. So now we're talking about possibly bringing down their debt load. Right, which I guess there is a aligning here a silver lining. I don't want. Anybody at iheart hearing that. It's for you. Like teachers who strike it's for the kids. It's not for us. It's for the kids. Anyway. So you've got most of the eight hundred thousand workers are going to be made whole again moneywise. The problem is the four million estimated contractors that'll never get their money back. Small businesses. Unable to get their loans are loans wouldn't find. Private companies going public that went nuts federal workers. The court did shutdown. They didn't shut down because they had enough money for fees. But the answer Larry the the answer. Larry costs of the court all the janitors the guards all of that. So we're talking about the federal employees, of course. So why why did the president who had said he was happy to take the mantle of the situation on memory said I'll take it. I'm proud of it. Well, the problem is the landscape was becoming worse and worse for the president. Had it gone another week, for example. Had the paycheck. Can you imagine another paycheck period that would be missing? The economy would have ground to it would've it would've grinded ground to a halt. The air. Traffic controllers were on the verge of walking out shutting down air traffic. Just shutting it down. You're not flying anymore. That's not national parks where the garbage bins are piling up. And so for political purpose purposes, the president said, and by the way, it was only for political purposes. I mean, killed him to say, okay, no wall. And of course, he puts spin on it. I did this to save the American economy or to save people from suffering. I'm the one that agreed to this. In fact, that's true. But he was he's the good guy in this the way it's portrayed. Now. You think it's going to happen again two weeks from now? His advisors saying don't even try it. His Republican colleagues. They Republican senators and house members who are in lockstep with this president. He can do no wrong are telling him hold off on that one. Man. You don't wanna go there? All right. When we come back what's happening in Trump's media firewall, which he's had up to this point because while mainstream media, of course, hates him. And it does end it is biased. And he's absolutely right. His media. Not so friendly these days, and I'll share that with you. In the meantime, there's Jennifer Jones Lee in a new ABC news Washington Post poll fifty six percent of registered voters say they definitely won't vote for President Trump mica Cohen with the numbers crunching blog fivethirtyeight says there's no good way to spin a number like that. They don't ask that question all the time. So we have sporadic data there. But that number peaked at about forty five percent for Obama in twenty eleven the poll was conducted last week before the shutdown ended a third of Republicans told the pollsters, they'd like an option other than Trump for next year's election. Several marijuana dispensaries have been operating as churches to dodge a citywide potshot. Bannon Alhambra deter tau on Garfield avenue has been open about nine months now, this is a legitimate place where we help people were nice for kind and we have good products. And it breaks my heart that were not wanted here. The pot. Shop doesn't have any sign of fraud. Just an old SAT prep facade. But workers say they get up to three hundred new customers a week because pot shops are. In very difficult and challenging to access pedestrian metros Josh ranks as the agencies partnering with ride hailing company Viet offer up on demand rides. We were looking for those types of challenges that the service could help overcome the long pilots only at three stations. But Via's Dylan says the goal is to expand access to people maybe who have poor access to mass transit or haven't been using mass transit says Via's advanced algorithm. We'll get more bodies in each shared vehicle and reduce congestion in Elmont. Kris Ankarlo, KFI news Rosen says her reboot was booted because of anti-semitism the comedian and former television stars has her sitcom was canceled because of her support for Israel ABC dropped the reboot of the Roseanne show last may after bar tweeted racist remarks about a former advisor to President Obama speaking at an event in Jerusalem yesterday, she also criticized Hollywood liberals and admitted to trolling her critics online with fake accounts. And she sent her Hebrew name is Shane ripka and said just like kids have imaginary friends. So did she but hers was God. And she talked to him all the time. Michael krozier, KFI news. We've got some better news for your drive.

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