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Days after implementation allowing any on premises dining restaurants was associated with increases in daily corona case growth rates. And then he gets some more statistics if you go all the way down to the end and you go to the chart where they do the do the reporting these are the results so the highest number they were able to generate and a mask mandates a case growth rate a case growth rate. That just a positive test minus one point eight percent. What was the desk. Growth rate sixty one to one hundred days after implementing mine is one point nine percent. This is an utter an abject failure. Talk about epic fail. You can't get any more epic failed than that. And then they gives some of the associated methodologies and how they did this is the cdc basically admitting okay we studied it didn't work. If this was efficient you'd you'd expect to see inefficiency efficiency rate and a height in mid the high double digits. Wouldn't you you'd expect to see death. Rates reduced significantly basque word. The mask didn't work. It didn't do it just like we told you. You know what the worst part about. This is these bastards knew this all along. This was study back in the nineteen fifties. Nothing new to see here citizen. But this is the cdc now admitting now it's the same cdc that's other running around demanding everyone fascination or i got one more for you on this. I think this group is a little shady. So i'm not going to throw all in on this particular. Proceed with caution here. National file dot com skies aimez. Patrick howley of you re patrick alley. I'm not knocking. I didn't have time to do all the due. Diligence i want. But here's the story. Lawsuits filed against seven airlines and tsa over mask mandates. Forty four year old washington. Dc man named lucas wall has filed a lawsuit against seven different airlines and a separate lawsuit against the tsa challenging mask. Mandates on airplanes wall is suing the airlines frontier. Spirit delta jetblue allegiant alaska and southwest orlando's for florida's us district court saving seeking over three hundred thousand dollars in damages wall struggles debris in masks do his due was generalized anxiety disorder. According to the plaintiff. The evidence is indisputable that all seven defendants for the past year or so during the corona hoax pandemic pan sham. Democrats me an emphasis. They're paying sham. Democ heavy illegally discriminated against but changed only bouillon williams emerges of flyers with disabilities wall said in a statement by refusing to grant any mask exemptions and or requiring such an onerous exemption process that travelers such as myself with the medical condition. That makes it impossible for them to cover. Their face are essentially banned from using the nation's commercial aviation system..

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