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You know, we went to a couple of female colleges in the Senate or whatever. So I had a great education. And then I. I was. Given a full ride fellowship to go live in Europe for your Norway was was a philosopher there who was working on psychological research is combining philosophy and psychology. And I had to do major at Kenyon in that. So I went to work with him. And I ended up spraying a lot of time in Paris and playing hooky from slow which at that time was coming out of being kind of a little bit of a third world country for discovered oil the North Sea. So it was a very beautiful. They're wonderful people, but it was a little boring. So of course, I gravitated to Paris, and my background earlier than that I had fallen in love with bebop and jazz. And you know, my come from a different era. I come from the beatnik area era, not not the hippie era. You know, so my reference points were Jack, euro, etc. Ginsberg who I then later with Tim and a bunch of. In a bunch of people from the bay area in San Francisco in particular internationally. So I had an interesting background. I when I arrived at Harvard after the year in in us low. I was I went to meet my faculty adviser happened to be Timothy Leary. I didn't know he was I know anything about him and we met in a. In a the center for research in personality, which was on heading auspicious address was five divinity avenue. In Cambridge colonial house, and I walked in the door was looking for his office. I was expecting, you know. Normal office will turns out. It was a spacious space shortage. He had been delegated to a a former utility closet on the first floor, and he kinda had a little desk. It was very small space, but it was very engaging. And but he made it clear for the very beginning that his research focus had shifted in the previous year. You know, if you know his background, but he he had he was very well known in the field of psychological testing. In theory of personality is his test actually multidimensional personality test was later administered him when he was in prison. Actually, here's later, that's like a footnote on some of the history. So he. It was very clever and very head of his time in terms of that particular diagnostic, but he made it clear to me that he was no longer assuming that that was what maybe why would be interested in working with him. But he dissuaded me of that quickly and said that the previous summary had been in vodka taking the mushrooms with along with a few other people Frank Barron who was his good friend of his from university. California played a also significant role early in in research on creativity. So he said to me this is what I'm interested in. I'm interested in consciousness, I'm interested in the use of sack substances. If you're interested in that. I'd be delighted to have you as my graduate student. If not you're you're better off finding somebody right away. I sign me up. So because my background as I said earlier I had been involved with bebop. I in Paris, right? Hung out when my my Fulbright, I got to know a lot of amazing artists, but Paul and and. People ask Kapeta for it and the great bebop jazz players for that area. A lot of whom were expats, and it was a big expect community terrastar in literary jazz. And you know, the whole scene I stayed for a few months in a small hotel on roost man, they were like three jazz clubs on that street right on the left Bank up. The street was was soccer is cafe where he would hang out, you know. And so it was a really interesting time..

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