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Right so the moment i saw the first wrestling thing like eight there was magazine store in town i sorta remembered that i'd seen a magazine i made my mom take me and there were the three magazines per wrestling illustrated the wrestler and wrestling right inside inside wrestling inside wrestling the wrestler and pro wrestling illustrated yeah those three magazines and i remember buying those three magazines and then i started cutting on pictures of these people and i just covered my whole room pictures of these wrestles in you know abdul the butcher with his face bleeding or nick bach winkle with that hair and so easy you would come into my room and and i looked like a really strange kid who had this and i had just stacks and stacks in the magazines i subscribed to all them i go to anywhere i heard there was a new wrestling magazine i mean i still could tell you the names of the guys wrote for those magazine of course i was you probably know bill apter but like i don't i don't think i could really talk to made up stories right yeah yeah totally make him oh no oh did they used to made up all this really sit and had an interview with well you know it's interesting because a lot of those guys like the george i always get nepal napolitano i was actually just food wrestlemainia with him and so i was talking to him in the airport is the first time i've actually had a conversation with him but i mean there were guys that would that would travel place to place and this idea i think they were more kafe abe interviews happening than you think that actual interviews as opposed to write i write it always but i'm sure a lot of it was also like okay.

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