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Welcome back to get a great interview Bob Myers of the Golden State Warriors my thanks to him Raymond Ridder and go in said overall stocks the Buffalo Bills football we're joined by a pro bowler a safety for the bills ten tackles and a forced fumble in that win over Dallas fifty tackles two passes defensed and I. N. T. two forced fumbles and one kickoff return for a TD this season the Tatum what what's in big ten defensive player of the year defensive back of the year one hundred and fifty nine pick in twenty thirteen out of Iowa another huge game for the bills they're hosting Baltimore Sunday CBS game one PM eastern Michael height is my guest Mike nice to have you back how are you I'm good good good good good to take me back to thanksgiving first I get that every single game is significant what does it feel a little bit different when it's Dallas against the cowboys on thanksgiving we are not computer games are having a smoke thing in Dallas and I was always there out into it so other with the with the one Mike hi joining us so Dallas went on a seventy five yard TD drive to start that game and then you have the defense absolutely lock them up the next three quarters what changed and how pleased were you with the way the defense locked in the way it did well well you can zero open god has already gone away for you know you click local Ching replaces all motion in the Americas Allah make the job on other disciplines our brand of football okay got to work the number or knowing that you know down about that one hundred arrested for safety Mike hides my guest after you beat Miami in week eleven your pricing Josh Allen and you made the point that he could be one of the best quarterbacks in the league then he goes out against Dallas on national TV he counts for two hundred seventy four yards had a couple of touchdowns a passer rating of over one twenty what do you make of his performance in that game you know that's that's our corporate America we love them southern computer today well that is part of the server no sense in a football game so you know we write about with them Seuss is almost missing go out there and like you said nasty beyond that you're gonna huge game in order to have so we're not going to be anybody else with a group of about thirty years in the sense of why you walk with you also love to see of all the safety Mike height is my guest going to the game Mike as you pointed out almost everybody picked against you guys then you go out you dominate on the road did it feel like a statement win to you I'm not gonna come in this year of yep you guessed it up in a day we always biographies of stuff we just go out there and put up in the football at us the control we control no no no that's why I think that we would play so well on the roads as we go to but all all week a cemex Imprenta football couple times how would you describe the attitude in the identity of this bills team exactly what is that brand the kind of the same brand of mostly buffalo home it's it's not it's not always pretty that there the day you know going to go out there and work hard and play hard hats on we're going to compete and those going on to the to game and on come down to you know how how fundamentals are hello we are situational football like I said as the city of buffalo two quick other morning go to work no complaining and you know that's that's that's how we try to put you to bed again Mike hi my guess you know you may know the point two about Shonda garment and what he's got a lock on a bunch of guys who've been maybe overlooked guys who are hungry guys want to compete guys who want to help the team win that's actually quote from you so what's it like to play for him and then how valuable is it double locking four guys you've got chips on their shoulders who do have something to prove yeah one of them is there's also you know you're good okay he was sort of the morning was a couple of the longer the lock on the like that not but if you interview the out the you know a lot of guys been awful they've been overlooked well in a lot of dialogue on that gives after what I wanna do Dracula coke is that then fires over teens minutes you know start the top you know a lot of guys been overlooked now that chip on my shoulder you know it's it's amazing to see a lot of these guys you know come together and just how far the one common goal that nice when organs and and try to change this culture in buffalo and that's why you see a contestant in the summertime we got here he's going to do that and so it's a process known record last year did indicate what was going on in the building but not this year we're kind of moving right action between working and noticed another one starts on on something you can talk more with talking like a high for a few more moments for talking goes football so in terms that culture change when you arrived in twenty seventeen D. teaming up in the playoffs since the ninety nine season you go your first year and now you're ninety three you're playing huge games in December so what's been the biggest change from when you first arrive to now how has that culture changed Robert Baker so I can start was on creeks from how to character guys know being aka all you know just just as you want to be around each and every day in Arkansas in the summer you know he's an open locker room you see can you know kids over there in the in the locker room you know with their dads is run around with the version and or whatnot you know lives and you know he's he's living made an open locker for the family I think this kind of record live it's our locker room just everybody knowing each other known says families on to be around each other Michael hi my guest names getting a lot of run for the Pro Bowl I know you're focused on winning games but what does it mean to you to get that kind of respect and what would it mean to you to go back to the probable are you up to the meeting with the hard work that I'm gonna put into this there's a lot of government Stephen Hawkins that there should be a part of it you know I mentioned before when I was a poor or no guys I took a risk it should be there left out some other teams are born on receivers who we are my that I wanted to include that in a minute lights out also past thirty years alongside you know that in certain seventeen so he does good he our names being caught up in Iraq I guess I can mention on on telling them without mention those two guys also Mike hi my guest one last thought you're now ninety three got Baltimore coming to town Sunday not a huge huge game when you think about facing Lamar Jackson what is the key to stopping him in your mind or at least slowing him down what turned out to be honest and well we're going to get in this week also out a phone order all we can do to turn it to the limit a lot of ways I was using a lot of issues on defense is not that of a stock on you know the alternative I has the the secret to stop the more doesn't understand he's a great player quite a bit in the key of the lead this year and button try to contain them you must feel intuitive safety for the Buffalo Bills and a pro bowler and that is a big big game Baltimore at home against Baltimore one PM eastern Sunday it is a CBS game Mike a great to have you back I really appreciate the visit could lock thank you very much we should let me try talking Michael thank you Michael hide them always down to talk those football in this program you know this always down to talk bills football so they're right there they're a game back of the patriots one eight hundred six three six eight six.

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