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The virus for those with no insurance fox's Steve Harrigan at CDC headquarters in Atlanta at the White House anyone in close contact with president trump or the vice president is having their temperature taken the president has said he will most likely get tested New York City confirming its first corona virus death this was an eighty two year old woman had an underlying respiratory illness emphysema for which she had been hospitalized previously governor Andrew Cuomo says the state has five hundred twenty four cases that's the most in the nation New York has one drive through testing site up and running and hopes to have a second next week you may have noticed store shelves are virtually empty I ask everyone to please use their heads get a few extra items when you go out please fill in your basement with two years worth the cans to this means your neighbor we'll have to go without Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker America's listening to fox news when it comes to news weird there news radio one thousand Katie okay Oklahoma's first years the first presumptive positive coping nineteen case in Oklahoma county has been confirmed in a news release last night the Oklahoma state department of health confirms that a woman in her sixties who recently traveled to Florida is presumptive positive for covert nineteen there are now four confirmed Coba nineteen cases in Oklahoma all Oklahoma state university athletic team activities have been suspended until March twenty ninth the university's ticket office released a statement last night saying all conference and non conference competition are canceled through the end of the academic year including spring sports that compete beyond the academic year the state of Oklahoma is price gouging statute is now in effect triggered by president trump's emergency declaration regarding the corona virus pandemic it prohibits an increase of more than ten percent for the price of goods and services I'm Marco Moreno rain showers moving into eastern Oklahoma right now those clouds starting to draw back here as we continue on through the day temperatures are going to warm up here as a warm front lifts northward will have low to middle sixties as we finish things out tonight a little bit cooler out there temps that lower forties and a cooler day tomorrow mid fifties for high temperatures will have quite a few clouds out there and some afternoon evening rain showers for our Sunday that's all of your latest weather forecast for the forward storm team meteorologist Aaron Brackett newsradio one thousand Katie okay studios are service of universal men's clinic for medical solutions for Edie yellow teeth learn more at universal men's clinic dot com tired of your high wireless bill would love your phone we understand now you can bring your phone to sprint and get an unlimited plan for just thirty five dollars a month per line plus we'll give you a three hundred dollar prepaid MasterCard just for switching this is a sprint store sprint dot com or call eight hundred sprint one today on the Medicaid starts feedback from the usual supply offering coverage not available everywhere with autopay excludes taxes surcharges and roaming subject credit thirty dollar activation fee and restrictions apply three hundred dollar offer parts for online registration card terms conditions and exclusions apply member FDIC celebrate the big two oh two oh with T. mobile switch now get two lines for just ninety Bucks and two new iPhone eleven on us so you can take a portrait bill for two with the ultra wide camera cute furry into T. mobile you get two lines for ninety Bucks into iPhone eleven supplied us with qualifying trade twenty four credits well qualified buyers without a pay plus taxes or fees if you cancel within twenty four credits you may go up to the full value of your device of six ninety nine ninety nine contact us qualifying ported finance agreements required here's the thing about new cherry vanilla coke though cherries named first all the flavors tastes just as great I mean it could have just as easily been vanilla cherry coke or it could have been coke cherry vanilla and since it's too amazing flavors of coke it might have been cold vanilla cherry coke or cherry vanilla coke.

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