Hillary Clinton discussed on This Morning with Gordon Deal


I was I was prosecuted by Hillary Clinton operatives why as I wrote the book the point is war on women that because Donald Trump used it to great effect in twenty sixteen it is still to this day the definitive work on the epic corruption of bill Hillary and their daughter not their daughter pardon me her daughter Chelsea so I was victimized by these people they didn't allow me any lines of defense you might wonder what was this all really about I'm July twenty fourth twenty nineteen we found out that's when the prosecutors approach my lawyers to compose a quote unquote GL if your client was willing to fess up and tell the truth about thirty phone calls between him and candidate trump in twenty sixteen all of which lasted more than thirty minutes what we might be willing to recommend no jail time in other words they wanted me to lie they wanted and they wanted they wanted Donald Trump did nothing right that's what this was always about it wasn't about Roger stone I have a forty year history with Donald Trump I would have wanted him to run for president since nineteen eighty eight you surprise to anyone Roger no I really was not I actually knew the Saturday before that he was going to win because I had access to some of the large state Republican Party holding down probably never pay for polling so the campaign had no polling but I could see the trend line haha look he completely outworked and out foxed Hillary Clinton well he did he did it was an amazing campaign she spent in excess of two billion he spent about three hundred and seventy five million all told such independent plus his campaign he just ran a better campaign and they never expected that that they would lose therefore they never expected that their emails would be examined the prosecutorial misconduct in my case it's everybody's agree just as what they did to general Flynn but it's under a protective shield so I can't discuss it Jonathan Kravis filed a motion with the court saying that that the government had additional information proving that the Russians hacked the DNC of course he didn't provide any of that that's because it doesn't exist it was a fraud upon the court in any event the trial was a Soviet style show trial I will I was basically not allowed to defend myself I was not allowed to defend myself outside the court room or in the media I had a jury that had not a single Republican not a single military veterans not a single Roman Catholic not a single African American male not a single union member not a single person with just a high school education no blue collar workers but I did have three veterans of the Clinton and Obama industry I did have three attorneys I did have a Democrat woman who ran for.

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