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Bill Chi anchovies reporting live with in depth coverage is the nation mourns 500,000 coronavirus deaths? Yes, God. President Biden honors those who have died, calling them extraordinary Americans fighting this pandemic for so long. We have to resist becoming numb to the sorrow indicator WSB Veronica Waters, reports flags or planted, noting George's share of the toll number keeps growing and our hearts are breaking as volunteers planted small white flags on the lawn of First Christian Church of Decatur. Number of folks had to stop and wipe away tears. Reverend James Brewer Calvert says. Each white flag represents a Georgian's life cut short by covert. There's 15,292 on the lawn. Right now, the display is a socially distanced sanctuary. Sorts. This is our site for people to come and walk and to sit and to remember to give thanks for lives loved and lost and to commune while coronavirus cases are falling across the country and here in Georgia health experts one of another 100,000 deaths in the next few months, President Biden orders flags to fly at half staff to remember those who have died. Reporting live Bill Chi Akio 95.5 WSB. Still to come in Atlanta's morning is how local educators responding to new CDC data showing that teachers are spreading the virus. I'll tell you if he had stayed dry today in five minutes I'm WSB mirages. Kirk Molly No longer Brockton Clayton County Leftover slow stuff remains in that work zone. I 75 North bound on iTunes E five exits 30 to 38. Other bars. Okay. 95.5, WSB company West Reduced time is sick. So to this portion of Atlanta's Morning news, sponsored by Ragsdale, heating air and plumbing, Here's Marcie Whatevs jutting above Marietta. Teachers respond after report by the Atlanta based CDC finds teachers or a main source of covert spread in the school system, learning his social and teachers are essential. So George's teacher of the year Tracy Nance, Pendley says essential workers that we absolutely must have immediate access to vaccinations. But vaccination is hard to come by for Georgia T Jurors as it stands right now I have many teacher friends who have been driving to Alabama to get vaccinations, she says. Despite all the precautions inside the classroom, it's not enough. Vaccination is essential. Sabrina Cuban 95.5 WSB Kids cannot get out of standardized exams this year, but reporter Jennifer Keiper says the timings in play When at county schools drop the Gateway exam is a pre wrecked to graduate this year at the Delta Flight Museum by the Atlanta airport. You can walk in or drive up for a covert vaccine Ws Peace. Robin Walensky catches up with 80 year old Howard McDermott of Stockbridge can see they've got everything organized very well to keep people moving and not keeping hold up the lines or anything. He's relieved to get in on day one. While the Atlanta sites booked up this week, they're taking walk into the state vaccination side and all Benny the Biden administration put small businesses at the front of the line to qualify for a P P P loan. Starting tomorrow, businesses with fewer than 20 employees get a two week window just for them to apply for those one person businesses. Like the home repair contractors beauticians small independent retailers to secure forgivable P p P long The knock on P P. P is that small businesses end up Shut out your developments in the unexplained death of a 16 year old Johns Creek High School student Police are looking for a 25 year old man nicknamed Black Jesus Arrest warrants for Shawn Salim charged with concealing a death and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Detectives do not reveal his connection to Carly Brooke Jackson friend found Jackson Unresponsive on Valentine's Day. She was laid to rest Friday. Evacuated residents in Midtown didn't bank on being out of their homes. This long honestly was thinking that it was just gonna be something like come back in a couple hours, but it's been days it's a painstaking process to dismantle an unstable crane perched at West Peachtree and 13th streets. And aggravated business owner tells Channel Two action news need to find a solution or trying to confiscate the business owners who are affected by this double DS speed 24 hour traffic teams got you covered Chick fil A is tinkering with its menu. It's dropping the multi grain bagel and decaf hot coffee, and it's adjusting some of its size it instead of four or six piece kids a nuggets chick fil A settles on five piece. It's also re sizing, milkshakes, cones and coffee. Atlanta based chain says the consolidation frees up more room to add new menu item. It's the first Prosthetic foot fitted onto a koala born without one in Australia, a dentist designed it. The veterinary nurse who rescued triumph. The Koala describes his response. Once it was strapped in place with Velcro jump. He was running around, climbing actually cried. It's the best thing that ever happened to triumph is about to turn five will remain to the koala care center in New South Wales. Double DS produced time. 6055 minutes after six. Let's check Weather and traffic ws Leave your Aldus Crick militias. Atlanta's most accurate and dependable forecast Before today, a 10 on the Polish meter sunny and mild high about 66 low Tonight 40 tomorrow Sunshine unseasonally warm high near 70 low 46. Thursday makes his sun and clouds high 67 low 47 recapping the forecast for today. Sunny, mild this afternoon. Ah, hi, Ron 66 I'm meteorologist Kirk Knowledge. 95.5 WSB 41 degrees now in midtown Atlanta was seeing thirties outside the perimeter where we seeing in the early morning drive. Listen, who I think I hear the helicopter WSB in the WSB clue, Ray carriers night copters word, Okay, Scott, But I haven't had to say this is almost a week in the boarding up and off the bat here, Captain Three Airport. We just cleared the tower. Beautiful.

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