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Hi everybody charlie hedges. Next after charlie and we are in the final little episode. While i am in uganda. This is episode three. And we're going to wrap up our time of talking about The impact of next chapter and my adventures with wells of life I m in uganda. Now i am working with the leaders in the workers of our team we have i. I should know the number exactly but it's ten to twelve workers in uganda. They are all african except for our deputy director. Who is romanian there. Are you know people. From the united states running operations in uganda. Except me. And i run it from the united states. I am there now and producer. Paul has questions for me. And so i want. He has some sort of personal questions. That i'm interested in and so i'm curious what he has ready for this kind of course while you're gone charlie. What are we going to do to keep the show rolling here. We just do some reruns. I said get open. Get real and so the first episode we talked about. What did you really get out about this. Overall journey of the next chapter discovered your next chapter and you talked about the passion and purpose you talked about the impact and you talked about the influence that you feel like. You're having even at this these last later stages in your life here when normally were in that long fade to black and it doesn't mean anything anymore which is getting ready for the credits to roll. If we're using a movie analogy you have found a purpose and a passion that has renewed you in ways what i want to know what you get. I know what you do. And i know why you do it. But what are you get out of this. you know. it's an important question paul. Because i think those of us in philanthropy and giving rarely think about what we are getting out of it and we're thinking about what we're giving and what we're accomplishing so one way..

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