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I like to make things as digestible. Especially when explaining things I always try to like remember like if I got exposed to my mom how am I going to do it right and not just in a bad away like you know. How do I explain to mom? bitcoin is we we. We have this This this commonality and difficulty in Crypto with Ui stuff and that the user interface really just overall the the concept of Bitcoin is already hard. Enough and CRYPTO. This is for the entire space obviously It's already hard enough without adding additional layers. That are more difficult. And I'll I'll be the first especially as mining goes I've got you. I know my own like like just walls built up like I've tried. I've thought about this several times. You Know Dustin Manse you know he runs this easy T- mining group for us. And you know he's tried to give me some like some decent explanations about like to just break it down for me. It's just not my thing you know. It's not like at this point. I do understand at least a minimal amount but you know what I love about what coin minds doing and why wanted them on the show for some time is just simply based on the on how easy they've made it and if you're not familiar with coin mind obviously you're going to hear it straight from the mouth of CEO far but you know a- but before we bring him on. I always want to remind people like this is one one of those companies that whether you want to be a minor or whether you WanNa even by one of these these products are not. That's not the purpose of of the introduction here like that's not the purpose of why I I would want someone like farm on. I want people to recognize that. We've got to support products and companies. That are literally doing something better for the space and I believe really personally you know just from my experience with them and and from what I've seen and the research that I've been able to do that. This is absolutely one of those companies that just deserves. You know at least your attention right like you know support them you know if you hear about below man I heard about you know I've I've heard the doing things I mean. I personally believe that anyway. But look you'll hear that here in a second far obviously As many of you sane doing bit for Bitcoin for Christmas Patrick gave me the go-ahead.

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