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To fill all available space. And just as you will never get and stay at Inbox, zero. Never arrive at a perfectly clean house that will then fall prey to toys, junk mail, and dirty dishes. Email. And Housework. Will both take any amount of time you give them. That means that any hacks designed to lessen impact are going to be of limited use. And yes. you can write shorter emails. He probably should. You could even right instead of okay in your emails and yes, you can develop a system for emptying the dishwasher that makes it take five minutes instead of seven minutes. Awesome. But fundamentally, the only way to make these activities take less time. is to choose to give them less time. The good news though is that this approach does work. When I've managed to convince people to limit themselves to three to four email checks per day done at certain times they do in fact, spend less time on email. And I think tours are best approached the same way. Batch them and designate certain times. When chores aren't always options, then you can enjoy the rest of your time without feeling guilty. Here's how this can work. Spend some time today thinking about the chores and errands you normally do over the weekend. Be Judicious what truly needs to happen. And what's not critical? While you might need closed for the week you probably don't need to wax your floors. Or you might need to go grocery shopping. You don't need to cook all your meals for the week ahead of time. Choose to make simple meals that you can whip up in fifteen to twenty minutes on weeknights instead. Now, estimate how long these tasks will take. And what can overlap? If all household members participate. How much time would it take to get through these things? Perhaps one party could switch clothes from the Washer to the dryer and run the vacuum while someone else goes to the grocery store and drops off the dry cleaning. Once, you've figured out a rough window. Designate a block of time in which you will do almost all of these things. For instance maybe you decide that from ten to twelve on Saturday morning, you will do the bulk of these weekends at. Make sure this is a time everyone can participate. Make a game plan. Then assess what things will need to happen outside the window. Ideally, not too much. If, you've got a reasonably sized family. You'll still need to do some dishes in empty the dishwasher on Sunday. Even if Saturday from ten to twelve is the official chores errands time. And perhaps, the laundry that was washed Saturday during this window is still in the drier outside the window and might need to be put away. But make sure to prevent scope. Creep. If one party is assigned to pick up and vacuum the basement playroom from ten to twelve on. Saturday. And this is in fact on then. Do not go redo it on Sunday just because there are toys out. Of course, third toys out it's a playroom. That's what happens. But. So what? No one is going to come around at eleven pm Sunday night to give you demerits for having toys on the floor. So. Just let it be and relax and have a glass of wine instead. There was a time for picking up the playroom. And now is not that time. If you start thinking this way. I promise your weekends. We'll start feeling much better. Do, designate a time for weekend chores. If so I'd love to hear about it. You can email me at before breakfast podcast at iheartmedia dot com. In the meantime. This is Laura. Thanks for listening and here's to making the most of our time. Everybody I'd love to hear from you. You can send me your tips, your questions or anything else. Just connect with me on twitter facebook and Instagram at before breakfast pot. That's be the number four. Then breakfast he owed.

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