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Copy of today's book uh changing the harvest you can also get a copy of to offer compassion the book we talked about last week we also get a copy of many many books to we've had before we still have copies of girls and sacks with a women on the run so many so many great things any amount works and if you call in and pledged twenty five dollars we will match the other twenty five dollars and these books can be yours there's also do you live attends book madison the illustrated history i have it at home we look at it all the time it's really informative them five eurostat is only forty dollars the gift certificate for mad rolling dolls uh is only thirty dollars there are uh i think we have swept just as year in and shirts callin and find out how you can get a part of this and where you're famous uh w i t garb around the city so everyone knows your dutch sharma spread the word oh yeah all right a two five six two thousand one is the number i'd w i t f m i am i'm going to get an update hopefully in a few minutes of how many pledge this is what i don't hear the phone reunion asked i've heard a run a few times but not enough i want to hear the phone bringing some more and we will take a break from pledge wrapping and and talk with gabriel a little more but hopefully we'll get some calls in and we will be able to talk with gabriel for the rest of the arab but if not if not i'm gonna have to break at the at the last minute to to do some more pledge wrapping to let you know why your contribution is so important make such a different pollees don't let the two hundred fifty dollars go to waste uh so give us a call at two five six two.

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