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And maybe not for long. I kind of feel bad calling creepy right now because by the end of the episode, I started you start feeling for him. No, he does find a little sweet Honey. You'll see that Mr. Edward. Yes. Remember him ridicule fridge? Yes, he went on. He went onto play. Oh, no. He's very manly. He went onto play. His Michael buddy in highway to heaven. He and Michael Wayne, we're, we're, we're, we're good friends. Yes. Mr. Edward Don, you think he's creo super creepy? He is. He's a drunk and podge, just happened to be of unmanned Kato doing some business. And he here's some commotion in a bar, and he's like, what is that? He was like efforts, and then he goes to get them. And then he pulls him out, all drunken dips, his head in the lake if you times oh, help him sober up a little bit. And he's like, come with me. I'm going to take you to walnut. Grove. It's going to be great. And he says, all right. Sure, why not. I got nothing else better to do. So I'm a bachelor do let's go get in the wagon, and they go down to walnut grove. And in the meantime, Laura has a fever, her tonsils have flared up, so she's in bed fill little sleeping cap on. It's so cute if you hold on, lex, can I pause you there? Do we know I'm just curious? I don't know if you do the math on this, they did a wagon ride for men Kato to, to walnut grove approximately do they tell you how long it took mister mister French, Mr. Edwards. To get to grow frontman Kato on a horse Brown. Buggy good question. We know that it's eighty seven miles someone emailed, me that my gosh what? Yes. Oh, the trip for sure. Wonder how long that would take? Yeah. Feel horses. Not sure a full day. Lowers few hours, maybe. Today's.

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