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So nixon fallaji film from lucasfilm might be obiwankenobi movie so initial reports came out last year in august that lucasfilm has started talking to directors for an ob lawn spin off movie specifically director stephen daldry who is in early talks to direct but ever since that initial report came out it's lucasfilm has been kinda silent about a potential be one movie and there's been no confirmation that this movie was in development at all but today some sort of reports and i've i'd say something that's kind of verges on reports and rumors broke that lucasfilm is starting to get the obi wan movie into development so a well placed source within lucasfilm according to fanta tracks has confirmed that development has begun on the bill on kanobi star wars story and that this may be taking place at disney's pine studios so apparently the project is insufficiently along in the art department in his now full production mode pilin studios in england which is where a majority of the star wars movies under disney had been shot and the apparently the lucasfilm has plans to begin shooting in mid january twenty nineteen with the main shoot to begin april twenty nineteen and that the scheduled release date for this film would be december twenty twenty i mean that's certainly lines up with the past release dates of of the star wars movies from disney we'll see if that happens if that is the next inthorp g movie but another film or not film but another project in the works from dome is their star wars live action series coming to disney's.

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