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This case too much this window. There's an evident gap between sergino dest and the rest of the right backs and the question here is what if something happens to Antony Robinson while the most logical decision would be sergino desk to the left side. And then there's a right back race. The reality is that Reggie cannon has only factored as an important player in an important game. Recently in what was the gold Cup final and he played, I believe that's the only start he had, he got yanked in the 65th minute. And if you look at World Cup qualifying, he had in the back end two games where he makes cameo appearances. He's not been involved in an important game for the U.S. men's national team as the guy. That goes in definitely against him. This is a player that is battling with Deandre Yellen Joe scallion and Shaq Moore. I think it's an arms race that he's losing right now. So I would agree with you in the stock down. But we do stock up stock down a lot with two games left between now and the World Cup and these four games now in the rearview mirror. This feels about as important a stock up stock down as we are going to do. I don't know if you saw this earlier. It looks like we do have some info on who the U.S. will be playing in that September window looks like it'll be Saudi Arabia in Spain, potentially Japan as well. What do you think of those matchups? Pretty tasty. Yeah, especially that Saudi Arabia one for not just the U.S. men's nationally, but potentially Mexico to see what they got in store. There you go, some advanced scouting for L three speaking of Mexico and action on Tuesday as well and Concacaf Nations.

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