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Are we rolling? Three, two, one, sounds feeds. All right, just start talking. What should I talk about? Whatever you feel like. This is about you. My name is Chloe corcoran. Had I not been trans, I would have coached college football. Really? I'm Cy Clark Chan. I am one of those old dried up people who's already lived their best life. Is that okay? My name is Mariana marquin. Mommy, what do you think about this booty? How you feeling? Too much? Yeah. My name is Jeffrey J and so like I had to come out as transgender. But my mom had to come out as Republicans. About three months ago, a documentary crew followed us around recording our every move. They captured us navigating everything. And that's what you're about to hear. From being studios in lemonade media, an audio reality original. This is being trans. This is being trans. Out April 28th, wherever you get your podcasts. Paying down debt can be stressful, especially when you need to keep track of multiple monthly payment dates. If you're tired of juggling due dates, consolidating with a personal loan could be your answer. That way you'll just have one due date a month and credit karma can help you find the best option for you. Credit karma uses your credit data to find loan offers that are personalized to you, so you can have a better idea of what loan amount you can get approved for. Credit karma will even show you your chances of approval, so you can choose between loan offers that you're more likely to get approved for, then apply with more confidence. Comparing loan offers on credit karma is 100% free, won't affect your credit scores and can save your money. Credit karma apply with more confidence today. Are you ready to apply? Head to credit karma dot com slash loan offers to see personalized offers. Go to credit card dot com slash loan offers to find the loan for you. That's credit karma dot com slash lone offers. And we're back on TikTok, an app that all of us apparently are sick of, including musicians. Over the last few months, musicians have been posting tiktoks, supposedly to promote their new music. But kind of with what we could best describe as hostage situation vibes, that's a great description. Yeah, it's basically like Florence, blink twice if you need help kind of thing. And when I say Florence, I mean Florence Welch of Florence and the machine who in March released this video of just herself singing to the camera. I was always able to write my way out so always made sense to me now I find that when I look down every pages empty there is nothing to describe that sounds lovely, right? Yeah. The caption, not so lovely. So that says, the label are begging me for, quote, lo fi TikTok. So here you go. Please send help. Skull and crossbones emoji. This doesn't quite surprise me from Florence in that she's kind of notoriously private. I think of her as one of those musicians who writes an album, goes on a tour and then disappears into the Woods for a few years. Oh, for sure, and if you've seen her on one of those tours, the only time I saw her before my distinctly remember her just begging the audience to put their phones away to join a community of people in a place and not be online. So it wasn't surprising to me to see this. It was also not surprising when I went to the comments and they were full of people being like, sorry Florence, we like this, give us more. This is good. We want more from you. But the thing is, it didn't stop in March with that Florence TikTok, right? So in the same month, we get this from the band Tokyo hotel. Butterfly in the sky I can go 12 in case you can't tell that is not in fact Tokyo hotel singing. That is the reading rainbow theme, which is a recent trend that has been on TikTok where the reading rainbow theme plays. And then the head of the people recording the videos kind of floats around in space. So while this song is going, the on screen caption reads us trying to figure out TikTok after the label for us so to be on here. The thing is, this isn't even a new argument. That in October of last year, Charlie XCX posts this video. What I didn't really want to be here, so I was made to be here, so obviously I'm just like wanting to get this over with and get on with my life. This is a big inconvenience for me. Charlie's lip syncing to an audio of Naomi Campbell testifying during a war crimes trial. Fun little mad lib. And the screen reads when the label asked me to make my 8th TikTok of the week. Did I know Naomi Campbell testified during a war crimes trial? No. Yeah, I didn't. You didn't picture Naomi Campbell just strutting at The Hague? No. Fast forward to this year though. We've got at least two more videos in this what we'll now call a trend from the one, the.

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