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Jeez, Ross allots get to today. Let's start with the latest trade since yesterday. I know you already discussed it with Andrew, and that's the giants sending quarterback Eli apple to the who debts for fourth and seventh round pick. So I guess this is maybe a reflection now on the fact that the giants are one in five. And as we sit on the power rankings, Tuesday their season as like a sensually over at this point that you know in terms of them actually having a chance at the playoffs or anything like that. I think that's probably what's going on here because otherwise. You know, they made a bunch of moves to saquon move, not getting a quarterback Ogle tree, and a lot of their moves were solar were about winning now, and that didn't really work out for them. They didn't really. They didn't really win now. And so now they're more being sellers. It's just weird that that's all the value that they think you lap. I mean, he's playing for them seem to be playing. Okay. Fourth and seventh round picks that's not much that's like giving a guy away. Meanwhile, the New York Jets signed wide receiver chard Matthews. And that comes a few days after cutting Terrell Pryor back on Saturday. That's bizarre to me that that's the part of it. I really don't understand especially when Adam Schefter has said that prior is now healthy and prior could be ready as soon as this Sunday to sign with somebody. There's something weird there somehow Terrell Pryor does something that rubs people the wrong way. There's really no other explanation for it at this point because this happens to him. It seems like too often that he ends up getting, you know, cut like this. I don't know. They'd rather send a guy that there's no the offense and we're chard Matthews rather just bring back prior bizarre. Two pieces of quarterback news to get to in the AFC west first. Let's start in Oakland, Derek cars, relationship in the locker room pretty fractured. And the other one is Broncos backup quarterback. Chad, Kelly being charged with first degree, criminal trespassing, early Tuesday morning. So this is weird. Right? So there's a report that Derek cars relationship in the locker room is fractured with the team because he was crying after he got hurt in London. This guy go, I tweeted this at Ross, Tucker. NFL go back and watch how he handled it when he broke his leg against the colts a couple years ago when they were going to be they were gonna win the division and have a chance to make a playoff run. He handled that like a champ. I mean, he didn't cry. He was like, broke, it broke, it broke it. It's broke. It's broke, like he wasn't. I mean, he thought he handled that like a rockstar, two guys. Tough is nails. And I think this report is a little shady to me and you wonder if maybe maybe they would trade him, I don't know..

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