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I kind of tripped into oils by accident and realized how well they worked and started with blends and then when i went back and looked at what other people were doing i realized. Oh they're just selling peppermint and lavender. I i don't believe in reinventing the wheel. Someone's doing something great. Like let them keep doing it. But i realized no one was kind of blending that way and the way they were telling people that blend made it feel really complicated overwhelming so In the book you know there are a lot of people that are great with oils. They've tons of oils. I give all the recipes if you're already comfortable with blending fantastic here here new recipes. You can play with. If that's you know a lot of the people that find me are chronically ill and they spent a lot of money time and energy on things and kind of. Don't wanna do it wrong. So i've done it for them and what i really tried to do. Is you know. Give very specific formulations that helped balance different organ systems and various specific Application points to make sure that they kind of get right to the organ system So that's you know. I body blends. That are like adrenal. Liver gallbladder pancreas And then i also have brain supporting blends like one of the big issues. I really try to address the underlying root issue but mold is a big challenge because it takes a very very long time to unpack mold. You have to kind of remediate the house and then you have to work on your sinuses for a very long time. So there's one oil blue lou tanzi that's kind of outrageously expensive but i have a blend called histamine balance. That kind of provides that relief immediately. You know everyone knows like antihistamines. Benadryl we know it works. But you don't really want to antihistamine you want to histamine balance and cutting modulated. Computer demean is not only for the sinuses and allergy symptoms. Works in the brain works in the gut. So triggers production stomach acids so anna antihistamines. Taking them actually reduces your stomach. Acid increases your risk of despite asus and other.

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