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Blunt talk, and veep is Mary Holland. Hi, I'm really delighted to hear that you watch blunt. I'm always upset when people haven't I now really great it flew under the radar there. But I'm so excited. You saw it. It's unfortunate. I think there's just so many shows right now there's like all these like shows that if they came out a decade ago, they would have just destroyed the marketplace. But now they're under the radar. I'm also watching his show called patriot on Amazon that reminds me of like a Coen brothers movie or something it's so good. And no one has seen it. But me, I think I mean, it's really an embarrassment of riches right now, the that's the television landscape. There's so many great shows. Yeah. I also wanted to mention that our friend mohair here who prefers to be called mobile. I don't know if we're your friends, but you would assume we're friends we're sitting on the table. Intimate small table candle. I mean. So you are also the founder and director of the data signs of research lab. And so I wanted a little background on that. What do you do? What does that mean? Yeah. Sure. So they the science and artificial neural network is my research field, of course, past like seven eight years, and I started this research shopping Cal State LA in computer science department in two thousand sixteen. To do my research, of course. And when I saw especially when I saw a lot of interests between students in this field of data science on artificial intelligence. Yeah. Sean neural networks, and I have a good group of students about ten graduate ten twelve graduate students working on different projects my favorite. We love research healthcare. Oh, artificial neural network or healthcare and medical applications, but we also have some other projects in other fields. They're graduate students working on their tee says. Doing research on different fields when you say healthcare, it does that mean like certain cures for things or like artificial. Options for I don't know. I don't know limbs is this like a or is it sort of like the health of. Well, we have many different project many different project, technically we do. For example, we do artificial intelligence intelligence to predict cancer. We shall neural network to diagnose cancer any earliest stage. That's incredible..

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