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We talk about enemies foreign and domestic it it showed us about how increasingly hollowed out we were here in the west once we got past those candlelight vigils and things like that and team america who have we we've just been sprinting downhill ever since then has a culture there there was no there is no great fiveyear honeymoon period where you know america was ascendant immune to that ended taxed and our politics got there always they're always rough and tumble but they're just just thin gruel ugly nasty petty dumb so that's my stream of consciousness on that i wish i had more to say on the empowering front the noble front the turned the corner and genuine make america great again front but i just went off the cuff he asked that question i can i i i genuinely wish i had more that was positive to say i was um i was very early in my sports talk radio career i had uh um that unite in even know each other naya was a just done my i had my own show for a little more than a year i had dumb anna was a baby she had just watched her very first ever michigan football game a daddy we played miami of ohio and i could not afford like an actual michigan michigan replica jersey so i add date i'd gone out too at this point because i was just starting out at sports talk radio not making that get the money said to go down to burlington code factory and get like this knock off fuyu mazen blue looking michigan jersey which for a white guy you know at age.

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