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And doing dishes and doing laundry and all all the things that we're doing and you work is so important in. You're so valuable in this army of christians that the lord has you any new talk again at abbas while about the body of christ. We are all a part of the body of christ oftentimes as christian wives. We care for our home so that our husband can go fight a different part of the battle in as husbands and wives. We hopefully are fighting the same battle in our homes and raising up christian soldiers But but god has called us to something very specific and our role is mom is to take care of our children to take care of her home and take care of our husbands but sometimes like we said at the end of the last podcast. Sometimes god has a special assignment for us and sometimes there's just for a season you know right now. Abby i par part of our our special assignment is that the lord has called us to do this podcast and we love it. We find so much joy in doing this because we know that it blesses you and encourages you and we're a is. I've said this before you know. Were not some super homeschool moms. Who know everything about homeschooling. We have it all figured out where the perfect parents and we have the perfect marriages and we have the perfect home and everything is in order. And we've got it all figured out. That's not at all shoe we are. We are moms and wives just like you who are in the midst of this battle trying to figure it out and so Right if you could see us sitting in our bedroom because this is the other thing is this is our special assignment but a special assignment never takes precedent of the bigger. So we said yes this podcast in this this home school ministry. It is our special assignment but never ever an any vet. And i hold each other accountable. Never does it come before our first ministry. Which is our family. Which is why. I'm surrounded by laundry in my bedroom As i have the kids eating out in the other room because because that's my first ministry and we're just regular moms doing this. But god has placed all of us yvette myself and everybody listening in this world. I mean i keep saying man like i know. God didn't make a mistake making me right now. Raising children in twenty twenty one. But he didn't. He made us for such a time as this on purpose. It wasn't a mistake and would it have been my choice. Absolutely not take me back to the little house on the prairie day. All day long But that wasn't god's plan god's plan was for us to be here now and so with that said you know what does that mean. And how can we live fully in the time that he's called us to live. Yeah and and what can we learn from his word. I mean we've talked about a lot of scripture and we i at the end of the last episode. I told you guys said over the past couple of months. I've read the book of esther a few times. And i have read the book bester before but when i read it a few months ago it i read it with completely. Different is and the ad it came alive to me like. That story has never come alive to me ever before and i just i wanna make. I know that there are movies that have been made about astern and books that have been written. But i'm like. I wanna i wanna make a movie about this. Because his just so good in. It's actually kind of funny. I mean i mean there are parts of it that are funny In in a weird way but the book of esther. If you have not read it mommy i just say a soon even even before you listen to the rest of this podcast pause this go grab your bible. Grab your kids ghabra husband. If he's home and read the entire book of esther. It's i think it's eight chapters. It's not very long. Even put it on your audio bible. You know we use you've version and so you it will even read it for you but haven't read the book of esther or take a few days or a week or a couple of weeks to read through it but I'm going to give you kind kind of a very very brief for those of you. Who may be are not really familiar with the book of esther. One of the things that i find most interesting about it is that did you. And i don't know if you know this but the only book in the bible that does not ever mention the name of god yet and yet amazing the evidence of god his unbelievable in there yes it everywhere it is everywhere. I mean god's presence literally just permeates throughout the entire story esther and nothing that happens in. This story is a coincidence not and god is clearly in control of this entire story. Just like god is completely in control of our story of the world that we're living in the chaos that that is surrounding us of the unsurety and and unrest that were feeling in our nation right now. God is in control and And so i'm gonna kinda just very briefly. Describe unpack this so In the beginning of of the story In we were talking about this before most people call him kings oxy's but our family usually reads the esp and in the esp him as king hasawara s. And so i'm going to read a little bit from so when you hear me king hasawara. It's also kings. He just. I don't know why he has two different names. I i'm not sure But nonetheless that's his name so here. The kind of characters in the story are king house. Us i'm king varsity. Who was his lovely wife. And the king is having this grand party and so he calls for queen bashed in. He wants her to come in. Basically flaunt her beauty and front of all his buddies and she's like no. I'm not gonna do that so basically kicks her to the curb. he's i get out. I never wanna see you again. This is the queen but she basically humiliated humiliates him in front of all of his friends and so he says i'm done with her so then he's like well. I need to have a queen and she must be beautiful and so he has all the pure beautiful girls in the kingdom. He's he's a queen. The king of the persian empire so he has all the young beautiful pure women brought to him and one of those beautiful. Young women is queen esther. I'm whose name i'm sorry. No reggie now. Queen is her name. Blogging synchro gal. She's also refer to as head data her actual name is but she's always refer to as esther in the bible and so basically they take this group of girls these young girls and they Basically go to a spa for like a whole here. Wouldn't that be nice and a pamper them and they make them even more beautiful than they already are. Walking a hassle takes a liking. He sees esther and he's like a haughty and so through some events she becomes the new queen and she has his cousin named mordecai and more chi has taken care of her queen. Esther's parents had died when she was young in some mordechai has taken her kind of as his own daughter and he raises her and so he is kind of outside of the castle gates as he's outside he discovers. Wendy that two of the king's unix wanna hurt king harassed so he tells esther about astros and tells the king and the unix are hanged and she basically saved the king's life but really it was mordecai who saved the king's life by telling esther while then in in comes heyman and heyman is a really really bad guy and he becomes second in command to the king and he wants everybody to bow to him. And mordechai as a jew esther is a jew and they don't mordechai doesn't want about to him and he refuses to bow to heyman because you know he bounced to god and so heyman gets really mad about this and.

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