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Provide all of the needed discovery that you had received from attorney mate. That's the Connecticut plaintiff to attorney league. Answer, I'm asserting my rights as previously stated. Question, did you take any steps once you became aware that attorney Lee was provided all the information? Answer. I was starting my rights as previously stated. Then back to the memorandum provided by disciplinary council. Based on the substantial record, the court may make an adverse inference from pattis assertion of the Fifth Amendment knowing that of the protective order, nevertheless, instructed his associate to turn over discovery to an unauthorized person and failed to take any steps to prevent further disclosure or secure the information. So pattis was trying to transfer some information to another lawyer in a bankruptcy case in a different state and why was he doing that and then why wouldn't that have been allowed? I don't remember. So remember that Alex Jones InfoWars free speech systems and some other LLCs declared bankruptcy on the eve of both trials as a mechanism to try and shut the trials down because the automatic state when you have a party in bankruptcy. That stops somebody from going to court against you because the automatic stay in a bankruptcy prevents money from going in or out of a bankrupt estate. And so in connection with that, then there was some maneuvering back and forth, the plaintiffs dismissed out some of the actual potentially bankrupt LLCs, these alphabet entities that appeared to have no assets. But the bankruptcy went forward as against InfoWars free speech systems. And then they got an order from the bankruptcy court that said you may continue as against InfoWars and free speech systems. Lee was engaged to handle the bankruptcy and in particular the bankruptcy with respect to the other Alphabet LLCs. And so in connection with that, Lee filed an affidavit that was basically like, it's but first day. I'm a bankruptcy dude. I was hired to take a couple of companies with no assets into bankruptcy and I said, I don't know what the hell's going on here, give me some help. And norm pada said, oh, okay, yeah, I'll have my associate email you a thumb drive that has all the stuff you need on it. And what was that stuff? And that stuff was the dump of Alex Jones's phone, which a was not produced in the litigation in which it should have been produced. And B, it was subject to a protective order that says, you know, disclose the discovery in this case to non parties to this case, right? Is that a normal thing that happens, or was that a special Alex jonesy thing that? That is to stop say here. I'm glad you asked the question. Because usually, discovery in a case is public domain, it's hard to find. But cases are public, that information is public. Well, plus it's both Alex Jones being involved. Aren't there normally like agreements across that's exactly right. And so the fact that there was a protective order here was almost certainly drafted by the parties and by drafted by the parties, I mean, very likely drafted by Alex Jones. So yes, all of this could be. I do not know. The record does not speculation. I do not know that Alex Jones lawyers drafted the initial protective order. That being said, I'd be shocked if it were the plaintiff. Okay, I get it. So their side would have been like, hey, anything in this one, no sending to the other one. Under the idea that obviously that's going to be horrible, Alex jonesy stuff, and they want to maybe, even if they're going to get their asses kicked in one state, maybe they want to have a fighting chance in another state, and is that the logic, but then maybe they took on the language of, hey, nobody do that. And then norm pat has forgot or something that he couldn't do it. That is exactly what has happened. Oh my gosh, that's so funny. And going beyond that, right? There are good reasons why Alex Trump's knowing, for example, that knowledge fight exists that they have published 11 separate podcasts that use public domain depositions and make fun of them. They wanted the most sensitive information kept under lock and key. And you can do that. I do that all the time in my case. You'll say you'll have a business dispute and the other side will say, you know, we want business records. I'll say, okay, we'll give you the business records, but we want to confidentiality order that they're not attached to any public pleadings. And that when this case is over, you've got to destroy them or give them back. Yeah, so is that like the special spice herbs and spices for that KFC recipe kind of? Exactly right. Yeah. Do you have that or can you tell me that? No. If you ever get your hands on the crunch wrap formula, you will tell me, right? You gotta tell me. We'll come up with our agreement now. I am willing to get disbarred over tasty tasty crutches. So good. Had one today? I had one last week, so. Did we get sponsored by crunch? Well, Taco Bell, but also specifically the crumb. Okay, we'll look into it. Well, that's hilarious. I had no idea why that would have been and then you explained it so well. How and how much trouble is norm pattis is going to get suspended from the practice of law in his home state for 6 months. All right, so 6 months vacation from look, again, norm baddest. Is he a part of the grift train? He's trying to be. He's not as bad as Sidney Powell. Is that what you're gonna say? 'cause she should just be banned from ever lying again. I have it checked, but after we did pattis podcast for lot awful media, I went and discovered that this podcast, which is two plus years old, has a Patreon page. And I posted it to our Facebook group, and I said what I will say here, which is if any of you people get on and think you should give money to norm pattis is a goof. I will kick you off every bit of opening arguments media. Like this guy is evil and has carried water for Alex Jones and no matter how funny it is you should not give him money as a goof. That being said, it's rather hilarious to me that he is 13 patrons. So when you're asking, can norm pads afford to be suspended from the practice of law for 6 months and just get by off of being an Alex Jones lackey. I think 13 patrons say says no. Right.

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