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During the colonial rule of the Indian subcontinent. The British came to love lots of Indian cuisine food and such as Chutney category were adapted for Victorian tastes but perhaps one of the most impactful concoctions of time developed without any Indian culinary influence. The Brits were in India. They were suffering from malaria. Berry Swanson was pretty. Primitive was to drink a lot of tonic and Thomas Adequate bitter taste to it and one one way to cut. It was to put in Jim. Thome Easton is economists. Mumbai Bureau chief. There are so many jains now that have an Indian name tomb. There's Bombay Sapphire cars very very popular. There's even one called Chindia. I mean any province of India probably has our name attached to a Chin but of course there's a great irony Iranian using an Indian name to somehow affected Indian S O of their team. Because the one thing that from all these Jen's really is the none. None of them are made in India. In fact the Jin that is made in India is very very cheap. And it's rumored that most of it goes off to Africa in barrels so the rotgut end and of the market is the only market actually in India. That's almost all of the market. There's some a little bit above that but it's still just a little bit about that. I mean given a choice I would say as a thirty six months ago. No one in India would actually choose as a question of taste or flavor to order any chin that was associated with being made in India but a couple years ago some entrepreneurs several of whom had spent time overseas and seeing the real boom in India came back to India and decided into create. Jin here into still one of the most prominent which had its year anniversary is called stranger and sons. Do you think the trend towards the the high end of the market will reverse the overall national trend as Indians gave up on the cheap stuff. I think what they've discovered it. India is that they can make a product that they really really really like your and so I think demand is going to be very very strong. Why not I mean the rest of the world wanting something is probably indicative of infection I or tastes there are many Indians who travel everywhere and come back? You're liking the same things that people to in Europe and in America. The Big Jim Markets Have Been Barcelona and New York and maybe wandering that it's hard to find a bar in any of those places that doesn't have a multitude of Jin's. There's no reason to expect that that won't be here as well. We haven't seen in these Mugen's any sense. The market is in any way satiated so India June for India at least for a while seems like one Belo's campus things at a time where the rest so the Indian economy is struggling. It may be the one product that has at least at the moment not only real products for growth but actually make people feel good during a very difficult time. What about beyond? India's borders say the popular brands that we we see outside India that kind of trade on India's name and history and so on aren't actually Indian. Am I going to start going into bars. Ars and seeing a a rich variety of Indian you will see a couple. India Jen's are beginning to stranger and sons is beginning to export Starting with Singapore and London didn't and I think that At least one other Indian brand has begun to do that as well so amidst the multitude of Indian S Jains are actually will be real Indians and and the extent that many of these genes do honestly have an India component the so-called pedantic the herbs and the spices and the go into Jin much of that does has come from India. Anyway it's just a exported in kind of a wholesale form but this fully formed India Chin. You'll be able to find it whether people like it. Who knows but I think the success that this has has had they charge roughly the same price here for a stranger and sons bottle as they do for a bottle of any premium imported jen and it seems to have found an audience regardless of price? So there's no reason to believe a won't find some sort of audience elsewhere in the world. Tom Thank you very much for your time. Thank.

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