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Yeah links. I never windows never But actually it's been super fun and it's one of my favorite teams to work with the community is just so great like really great And out of the top. You know i think. Out of the top. Ten gaming companies eight of them use mongo db and a lot of them use atlas actually which is pretty exciting so yes that's an area of focus and then of course like a bunch of Enterprise and financial firms uc sharp. Because it's a serious language. Meant for serious work. It's not an obvious thing. In the way that some other languages are well if you look at our commercials support offering which is where we make a good portion of our money. We're companies pay us to assist them and troubleshoot their applications most of these as you can imagine enterprises and therefore they use enterprise languages. Top top tier is java turnout surprising java c. Sharp is actually really close. Second for me. Let's face it. Essentially have similar origins. Right oh exactly statically. Typed object oriented management memory language in development environments like pretty pretty similar they are brothers yep and then pass that is that no j. us and the rest of our languages fall into down below that but yeah the top. Three languages are java. Java sharp and j. us enterprise side jaw job as he sharp and you sort of classic open web dev at davos. It's going to be no apps. A lot of developers whether java warsi sharp liked to play around with no j. on side. So that's what i've seen in enterprises is that they'll be a microsoft shop and sharper their javale shop so that all be java but then they got a bunch of nausea applications and both teams do exactly that they'll play with no gs his. Everybody has to write a little javascript. It's kind of unavoidable. I'm looping back a bit to them on the to atlas here. So if i'm on azure i can i can by this as a service and is also running on azure so you guys are actually operating on the three major cloud providers yet and actually if if you're worried about it or if you're one of the unfortunate souls who survived one of the aws outages in the past few years. You can actually have one of your each of your manga to be nodes on a different cloud so you can run across cloud which i like that well. Any par par somewhat multi cloud mythology to. It's almost like a checklist. But it's i appreciate that. Yeah you've done that. And so i could sink across these infrastructures if i wanted to migrate or or to have a fail over to another cloud i just have it as a guy who builds a lot of fail over solutions over the past decades. This is disturbing. I haven't seen a lot of fielded multi clouds like we can fail from from. Aws azure or. Did you see like that's just doesn't seem to be much of that. Actually lots of people talking about it. A lot of people talk about it but not a lot of people either. Do it or actually need to do it. Yeah we're i think. Multi multi cloud really plays strong. Especially the cto's is the lack of lock in if you're running on azure and microsoft decides to drastically increase as prices. Yeah you can just port your entire solution over to gdp or it'll be just not going to be free like there's gonna be effort involved with at least doable but it's doable. You do not all of a sudden reconsidering rewrite. My entire data layer in order to achieve these things. Yeah so what you're really describing then is prozac for right. That's actually is. It's like. Keep the cto com gonna be fine. We drop a couple of these in his coffee. You'll be all right. I guess it also depends on how far you depends on how far you go right so you can have everything in another cloud ready to go just laying dormant just images right and then turn it on if something goes wrong rather than invest a whole lot of time and effort and money into automatic fail over stuff you know then then it just comes down to up. Somebody gets a phone call or an alarm and they have to do it really quickly. I still think it would be days like it's just not that trivial wanted to shift that stuff across and and hopefully you're using the m.'s. And and containers and things that are relatively portable. You could go across deeply. Invested in any of the different vendors. Service technologies should've their distinctive analogy. There's going to be hard to move. Yeah that's true well and that's something that when you're building a cloud based application you have to consider a cloud vendors do provide a wide variety of very convenient services but they lock you into their platform. So how locked in are you willing to be. How much risk are you willing to tolerate being locked into. Aws or another platform. And how much do you want the flexibility to move services around. I like Azures coober nettie service because you can use your own docker containers and everything so as long as you have your containers some place ready to go. You could do your own cuban netease in and in gcp or in In an amazon if you need to But while you're on asher you can enjoy all the the wonderful high level stuff of ak s as a sort of separate thing. I think one of the other benefits of atlas is that secure by default. You get less. Esa sale automatically default. You don't have to set up anything which is really nice because you know. That's that's hard you've also got a variety of secur security solutions around like you can log in with a username password which is properly hashed salted over the net. Like you. don't wanna pass. Anything clear taxed You can use l. doubt you can use a api keys. There's a variety of ways of actually authenticating with the atlas service as well as private networks. So that you can isolate your look if you have a azure deployed infrastructure. You can make sure that it goes through private links so you only going across azure controlled. Interfaces you're not ever going out onto the public. Bob that reminds me. I want you to tell people about f. l. e. while we're here before we dive into that. Let's take break for this very important message. If you've had automating your. Espn at deployments. On your to do list. Now's a great time to give octopus. Deploy a try the starter edition. Lets you install octopus on your own infrastructure in deployed i s web servers azure websites and pretty much anything from no d. Coober netease and they just made it free.

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