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And then you have the argument justified by those stats that he just needs a quarterback in an offense that can put him in the position to take that ten thranked perceptions and ten thranked targets and you know be tint than touchdowns in the league which has been much higher before but then you're taught twelve wide receiver in i will still be in owned emerged over emanuel cnn yes ethics i mean they're they're pretty close what about you j yeah i i i expect denver to get a quality quarterback this this offseason and if they do that i am so at laon of wine quality if they don't follow the earth kirk cousins case kina him some one of that here oca and i think of one of those guys were to show up in denver damaris thomas and emmanuel sanders will both be drafted by myself quite frequently my my one counterpoint to that is i think if if they miss out on kurt cousins and let's say that like the the rumor mill right now is the jets the jets are going to get kirk cousins if that happens i think that minnesota franchises case keno actually we all know because they would have to tagum right now no you don't know later can you yeah upheld i mean it's it's rare what happened with jarvis usually auditing but up to free agency once free agency hits you will of already have two declared that your tagging a player oh i got slow up my hypothetical situation here yeah february twenty and was the first day for tagging and then the deadline for teams to use that tag is march six with right before he agency the 12th through the 14th the march and so it's gonna be in i don't i don't think they need i think they're going to need to tag tuesday keno yeah i think they can keep them if they want him he's got the system the success.

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