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Try to go pick lick. I mean, Kris Taylor booted. There was so many different things. But honestly, Brett Phillips is where my heart wass because everyone Gosh, you know that guy right? The one that you know, just never got his chance, like is always kind of mean His family left in the seventh inning because they were tired. They don't think he's gonna get in this game because let's be real. He hasn't got a new game in a month. They were cold. They're retired. They left in the seventh, and he's the hero. Unexpected even from his own family that tells you so much, But it's also what makes Tampa Bay so special. Unforgivable. No Christmas presents for anyone that there was a grandmother. That was a real mother. There was an elderly grandmother that needed to go home. So it was a family. I'm sure they look further was very good reason I will ask you this, though, from a big picture. I mean, we obviously know that this year was abbreviated circumstances that none of us can control. I'd like macro I feel and again, not a huge baseball watcher, but I think it has created the sense of urgency and like quality, or, I don't know, like Is there anything from this season that you would like to see baseball consider moving forward rule changes? I mean, that's when the best part of this season. I shouldn't say the best part. There's been all kinds of flake crazy, different things, but I love How many risks were taken with, like, Let's go double headed double headers with seven innings. Let's put a runner on second with extra innings. Let's go Universal D H because by the way, this postseason has been amazing, not watching pictures. It On DH really not hit. Just go back to the bench and not hit and it just There's so many rules that should have happened Probably 10 years ago. I don't know how many of them will stick. But because you have this different kind of season you saw Rob Manfred and Major League Baseball roll out some unique things, and I'd like to see that moving forward because to me this game could be so exciting. Plus, like Mike players, I had a wildcard Siri's with the White Sox and the A's and we were talking. This is huge game, right your whole seasons on the line, and we're talking. To Ramon Laureano in center field. He's got an AFB in his ear, and we're going back and forth during the game and that he is such a funny character. There's so many of those did Kris Bryant Anthony Rizzo earlier in the year in spring training anyway. You got me like macro Macro. That's what I think is from this year is all the cool stuff that were initiated. Let's have it here to stay. Well, you're welcome any time on game night. Jessica Mendoza, ESPN baseball analyst, dropping some tremendous insight and having some fun with us, Jessica, we appreciate the time and enjoy the rest of the World Series. Yeah, no, you guys to have enjoyed kicking it. Kick it like a sense. A. Yeah, well, have fun with chess. Anytime here was Tio, right, Boo Next. It's like the next bus like tryingto. Remember that shone in TV? Do you like six bus? I just try to corny joke there. Monica was like next around and walk back on the bus. Jessica's great great baseball mind and does make the game approachable for everyone and just has great knowledge about the game. And I was surprised to hear say that, you know, she thought the Dodgers would take care of this kind of in five. I I mean the Rays just a scrappy bunch and I know Ashley is not taking anything for granted because her squad has taken a very game raised team, so we'll see what happened to Game six. Should be fun to see how that plays out. Ultimately, I'm sorry, actually, I do want to see again. Seven. Your Dodgers in the Game seven. But as long as we win, I'm fine. I just like I love Morva baseball, just like I said during the Stanley Cup playoffs, I'm like I want a game seven because I'm not ready for off season. I'm not readyto have baseball. Not be on my television. But this is my year to win a world Siri's, and as I said, I've waited my entire life for this. And we've had the worst year ever. And now the Lakers get it done the Dodgers Khun get it done. I'm ready for I'm just ready for prosperity and ready for more while right..

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