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Must be opening. This is not a protest against the governor. This is standing up to help people During this time. New York City begins a limited phase for reopening today affecting my job I've got that's ours, and I'm working part time full time and I'm dying to go to the gym. Of gyms and endure dining will still be off limits. CBS NEWS Update. I'm Deborah Rodriguez, 7 32 Now the Texas Republican Party will have a continuation of its online convention. To finish some of its work. The convention was supposed to wrap up yesterday, but it rolled into this morning with delegates eventually voting to reconvene, although the timeline of when that's going to happen isn't known. The convention was supposed to be in Houston, but Mayor Sylvester Turner canceled that event. Part of the party leaders said that did not give them the time it needed to put together an online convention. Meanwhile, Texas Republicans will have a new leader, Former Fox News contributor and congressman from Florida Lieutenant Colonel Allen West has been elected to become the new chairman of the Texas Republican Party. Investigation continues after one person was run over and killed by an off duty Dallas police officer last night. That officer was on his way home about 10 o'clock and his personal car heading west on 6 35 LBJ, the service road there near the high five. Suddenly someone stepped off the curb and right in front of that officer's car. He told investigators he had no chance to swap to stop or swerve to miss that person. The person died at the scene Dallas relief to Police Department traffic investigators out there for much of the night. It will be awhile before their reports are complete. And Disney World opened last week and is now issued a new mandate. No eating or drinking while walking to ensure that masks are worn at all times. Guests are now required to remain stationary while sipping or snacking, and you must wear the mask at all times while moving around the park. You can also take a break, though, from wearing a mask at what Disney is calling there. Relax ation stations around the park. Guests can remove their masks at thes covered stations and take a breather while socially distancing. But Disney is also enforcing people to wear masks with its no mask. No photo policy. Basically, if you refused to wear a mask, they'll refuse to give you your Disney branded photo from some of their popular rides like Splash Mountain, The Haunted Mansion and That's pretty interesting, right? Yeah, I think that no walking and eating it is very difficult. Well, a lot of people. I guess we're using that as a loophole and say, Well, I'm eating. I'm drinking when they took their match. Exactly Get you 7 34 traffic and weather together on the eights coming up in a heat wave for the East brand Bellflower here. How does apartments dot com Find the most rental listings? Well, we use pigeons. Of course, every pigeon that you encounter is an independent contractor of apartments dot com. Scouting, huh? I and lo for.

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