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Um heads off limits for now four now anyway moving out landed without a basketball overly latest turned us on adorable fathering a parenting story seriously you started with human inter inter daughter knows of town by prince left now used the word of durable any way you are right keeshun we had a lot of basketball lara basketball over the weekend lakers cav had a few little things happen in the la area in terms of losing one of our key members of one of our teams but do you look at the cavs you look it this read to teen ford news players on the team via trade over the past week in they go out they go up to boston and a hand boston a nail everybody was questioning whether or not they can coexist if lebron james's just running the show he doesn't care a lot of it i was all sorts of things in the next thing you know i would deem misses the signature win for them this year wall this year well picture wind vichy whoa whoa hard on why whoa why do you think this is our signature win this year while because you you you come off and everybody away you get rid of six guys draft picks everything you don't even know what the team is gonna look like they go to boston which a lot of you fool types um had boston as the favorite because they hate lebrun so much john paul pierce is jersey retirement coin paul pierce the jersey wermeer before koerfer reason boston part as good idea to win to the game was over everybody leakey's thing was weird annually.

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