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Governor Ralph Northam, Elizabeth Warren, Republican Party discussed on Wall Street Watch Dog


American diabetes association. You should believe in math not magic. You're listening to the watchdog and Wall Street with Chris Kelsey. Welcome back everybody. It is the watchdog on Wall Street show. I'm going to try to frame this. Entire thing. A little bit differently than most. I did go over this this past week on my show, and my belief system and how things should be handled. I'm going to frame this. In terms of messengers and message. Let's talk quickly about what's taking place in Virginia. Which is a mess. They've got a mess. That's going on there in Virginia. Now, first and foremost last week on the program, governor Ralph Northam, and his radio interview was one of the most vile things I've heard from a politician ever. In my opinion. Long what's happening here in the state of New York? But governor Ralph Northam gets caught gets caught somebody looked into his past which I find fascinating your shows, you how bad Republican opposition research is that they couldn't have come up with this. If he was Ralph Northam was a Republican, man. Oh, man. Oh, man. He would have been cooked. He would have been cooked Democrats would have found that in a heartbeat. They would've. Ralph Northam gets caught the attorney general Mark herring. Who tells him that he should step down? Because if he does step down Marquette, caring then becomes governor? Also, a democrat he gets caught too. He had a party at the university of Virginia. He was dressing up. Like the rap star Kurtis blow from like the late nineteen seventies early nineteen eighty s. Here the nerve to tell north and a step down. I was shows you what type of people these are these people are what what types how low the low level below level of pond scum, call pond scum because pond scum has a purpose. EM's an amoeba all they have a purpose. These people are like viruses. They really are. Now, we all know this. We all know this. We all know the types of individuals these all right? Why go after him? Why go after why go after? The messenger. Case in point. Now, the story everyone likes talking about. It's funny. It's funny. Elizabeth warren. Seem like there's a day go by when she doesn't step in it again. And again, and again, and again, but you have another some card of her joining the Texas bar back in nineteen eighty six and she put down as their race American Indian. Well, this is how it should be handled. Again, the Republican party is dumb as a box of rocks. They don't know how to handle these things you come out. And you say, you know, we feel sorry for Elizabeth Warren and. She felt the need to do something like this. We should pray for somebody like Elizabeth Warren that has obviously a problem with the truth and maybe Elizabeth Warren, maybe she should get some help and seek counsel for her problem. It could be pathological and you come very apologetic. You come up very apologetic. Don't be Rah Rah Rah go. No, no. No. No. No. No. No, no, no, no, let these people make fools of themselves. Let them show everybody. Exactly who they are. Another example of this. Go back to the nineteen ninety s Bill Clinton. Where did where did it get the Republican party where to get conservatives impeaching Bill Clinton? Nowhere. Absolutely nowhere. Put you in a worse position. In fact, James Carville all over the news, ripping in Ken, Starr, and sexual deviance. Why why did you bother? He was doing it to himself for crying out loud. Go after the message. We'll explain further I'll delve into this to an even greater degree. We gotta take a quick break. You're listening to the watchdog on Wall Street show watchdog on Wall Street dot com. That's watchdog on Wall Street dot com. We'll be back. You're listening.

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