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On Lake Michigan are leading to smaller beaches the US army corps of engineers says the level of Lake Michigan has risen four feet since twenty thirteen when channel eleven reports it was at its lowest level on record that combined with Xander Russian is made some beaches smaller for example the dog beach in foster Avenue had to close because it was a centrally under water significant erosion is also occurred at oak street beach in northerly island while the walking path around Adler planetarium is threatened by the higher light levels Jim got as newsradio one oh five point nine FM Illinois gas station owners especially near the border are already feeling the pinch after a major hike in fuel prices this week the price of a gallon of gas said keen and sons went from three oh nine to three thirty five overnight and Raleigh keen says his two businesses on Chicago's south sides are already losing business to the border location on a lot of the tall man it's only about a twenty minute drive from Indiana and not you know people have been going there for years and this is just going to continue to push them to continue going to Indiana and keen says while business he is down for now his stations are full service so he hopes that that will keep his loyal customers coming back once the sticker shock eases ace are warning residents about a series of armed robberies since last week in Gresham on the south side in each case a man with a handgun walks up to a victim and takes their property two of the robberies occurred in the eighty eight hundred block of south may St another happened in the eighty nine hundred block of south Racine Avenue WBBM news time one twelve it's a holiday driving weekend so keep it here for instant traffic updates news radio seven eighty and one oh five point nine FM get.

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