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Her answers and their approvals are based on science. Historically, the FDA has based their decisions on science. They will do it this time. Also, I'm so I appreciate it. Thanks for your assurances that we'll have a safe, affordable and widely available vaccine for the American people. All of America is praying that one of these promising candidates comes through. That's why I'm so disappointed that we've seen some on the other side of the aisle speculate allowed that the administration might Russian unsafe vaccine to the market before the election to help President Trump political This irresponsible rhetoric on Ly serves to plant irrational fears in the minds of Americans. I'm worried that enough of these types of attacks could result in people avoiding and approve vaccine when it does come to market when it is available for Americans, Doctor found you Can you address this once and for all with the administration approve a vaccine, It's not safe and you share my concern about the danger of undermining faith in the vaccine development process. The Commission of FDA. Dr Stephen Han has assured me and has spoken publicly that he would make sure any decision on the part of the FDA will be based on sound scientific data proving the safety and the efficacy. He's told me that and he's been very public about that. Given that I think the American public should be assured that in the process of determining the safety and efficacy, the proper steps have been taken to determine that And when a vaccine becomes available, it's important for their own health and for the health of the country to take that vaccine. I appreciate that. Thank you, gentlemen, I I can't let this moment pass without bringing all of our attention again into the chairman that just last week, the Justice Department to Chinese nationals for hacking companies that are working on a vaccine. We sent a strong message to China. This will not be tolerated. I'm glad the administration took action by naming and shaming those involved as well as closing down a Chinese consulate. There was a hub for intellectual Property and trade. Secret theft. We must hold China accountable. Mr. Chairman, we have two Mr Chairman before I close. Can you commit to holding a hearing on the threat of Chinese espionage on vaccine products? Vaccine producers, Mr Chairman. Whoever sitting in for Mr Chairman promised me that we will hold a hearing on the threat of Chinese espionage on vaccine producers. The Chairman is not here to enter the question. You have a few seconds left your time. His experience. Mr Chairman, This is a grave threat for the record. Thank you, Mr Chairman. This is a grave threat to our country and the world of China's happy our company's hope. The chairman will take my recommendation. I yelled back a portion of the hearing from earlier today.

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