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To five Sinatra gang. You get a lot of flack in the industry from haters to even your own fans trying to tell you what to do. How do you? Stay chewed yourself despite all the people actively trying to change you. That's such a great question. Yeah. That's so gnarly, man. I answer that. I I am the same person in my heart that I've always been I've changed matured and grown as just a human being and as an artist and all that. But like the values and what I represent and what I do are the same when I record a turn up song. I do that. Because there are so many people who really enjoy Bobby Tarantino. You know that that like that lane of music when I make boom bap hip hop. I do that for those people, you know, when I have the supermarket soundtrack because he's going to be it is not a hip hop album, period. And a lot of people could be like others. Bub-bubba? But then I have another album, you know, it's there's all these these things that people can say and do say, but a true fan of somebody is gonna love and appreciate them. No matter what. And they could sit there and say to themselves like, oh this song like a real fan points off of things they like about something before they then go, but you know, I like the beat better on this song or I like kinda like the the more turn-up stuff because it's fun with my friends when we're just hanging out having a good time, you know, or whatever. So I just don't really think about it. Whether it's fans or haters that because like I always say I make the music for the people who enjoy it not the ones who don't. It's just the it's kinda just like the most honest thing ever, the gnarly shit is when you have people to be like, oh, he's changed or he's only doing this for this. Like when one eight hundred came out the song. There's all these people like always making songs just for the radio. And it's like, oh, yeah. Yeah. I was in a studio. Like man winter song about muggings often yourself be like the best marketing ploy of all like, no way. Dude. Like. I, you know, I I'd traveled the world and had people say that my music save their lives, and I was like holy shit. I didn't even try so imagine if I actually took the time to just write a song from the perspective of somebody who's really going through it. You know to me because I know what that's like. And I just did it, and I did it from a place in my heart of love and happiness and hoping that it would just be there for anybody who might need it. The gnarly part is. And this is like not this is just fact there was a lot of celebrities. Unfortunately, who took their lives in the span of it coming out. There was the whole thirteen reasons. Why thing that was like, you know, pop in. And there was just all these things and like mental health I used to get made fun of for talking about mental health like just even a few years ago. I was I was in Pittsburgh..

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