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We should have more guns because we should be afraid of our government it it's a twofer fill the right wingers number what makes government seem evil and number two tanks gun seem good and both of those are alas i i've never been afraid of my government i would never a one of these people that ever fought that we have to worry about people would guns tried to take on hitler did not work the all it go the although the warsaw bash that we have to worry about it isn't the nra secretly eight fascist chefs nate you know it depends on your definition of fascism i defined fascism is the takeover of government bye bye bye big money by corporations and billionaires and that broadly generally accepted tree though tom when when hillary took over there was already nfa movement okay there was a fascist movement glowing garnaut activated oriented it it was paramilitaries and they were volunteers brown even hauling tears yep and we have plenty of them i and and an area we have and had germany had gun control laws that prevented those brown shirts from being armed i think the outcome might have been quite different i agree unfortunately the cat bag yeah issued well it's out of the bag but you know what i thought australia has proven to us richard is that you could put their cat back in the bag they did it successfully not i truly do really do um and i hope that you know talking about us and and and talking all sides of this is going to help in going to help our cause well let's hope so richard thank you for the call michael in newport richie florida mike what's up uh tom um yeah i think the second amendment fundamentalists i call for basically holding the rest of us are public safety hostage the eye then i think we i think we need to frame it pretty clearly anna this is how i like to see it they would rather uh a bulletproof vest be part of the school uniform and to take the assault rifle off the shelves of stores in america ran yeah they used as squeal oh schools are gunfree zones there were two armed cops at that cool yesterday before yesterday two of them with guns and you know did they also now the nra says every teacher should have a gun what.

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