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And then you see the 6 game losing streak and they just seem really dysfunctional. And it's hard for me to believe all this stuff's not related, right? Do we think Kevin Durant and Kyrie for especially Kevin Durant would sign off on a hardened sentence thing? Like based off of you recorded 15 podcasts of Kevin Durant. He does like flow and movement, but I think I think I don't know. I thought Watson at Celtics series last year it sure seemed like that team was going to be pretty incredible. So it's hard for me to say this didn't work. The Kyrie piece is the piece, right? All the dysfunction that he brought to the situation this year. Maybe that was too much for James. I don't know. I mean, maybe he didn't want to play with him. Harden did have that what seemed like a joke recently. He's like, I'm gonna put I'm gonna give him the shot myself. Right. He walks off the podium and it seems like a ha, very funny joke, but maybe it's actually it's embedded in some serious frustration. Like, really, this guy just can't get vaccinated. And I carry the load and be tired by April May June. That's the one thing I feel like you were right. You're right about hard in Philly. It's not a guarantee. And it's not a guarantee because the version of James Harden that we saw this season is not the MVP or even like the no brainer all NBA guy. He's just not that the season. Do you think he should have made the all star team because I thought two weeks ago, yes, and then when they named all the all stars last night, I actually thought he shouldn't have made it. I thought there were better guys that got left out than the up and down season that he said. I would not have put him on. If I drew holiday, guys like that, maybe. Hey, Sarah Allen. Yeah, Jared Allen, 100%. Somebody from Charlotte. Bridges in lamella. They've been balling all year. They don't take games off. They didn't show up out of shape. I thought it should be in the all star team, but I really regretted thinking that after the last two weeks. Have been funny if Jared Allen to make the All-Star Game over James Harden. Oh my God. Yeah. But you think all right, from the nets perspective, we have no idea when Katie's coming back. No. So he could come back next week. He could be fined. He could also this could, who knows? We haven't really heard that much about it. Davis, all of the sudden showed up for the Lakers. He was fine. Yeah, I went through the game last night. He looked awesome. So maybe that'll be Durant. But for now, we have Joe Harris seems like he might be out for the year. We have not seen Durant. Kyrie only plays part time. It doesn't seem like they're changing the vaccination piece. And if you're Brooklyn, maybe you're thinking, this isn't your year. And you get Simmons, you try to rehab them. You get a ton of assets back to kind of replenish what you gave up to Houston. And you still have a puncher's chance like once we get to the playoffs at Durant's healthy, who knows. But I'm more bullish on this trade for them than I was two weeks ago because man that hard a number to the thought I give him an extension and not knowing where he's going to be mentally or physically two years from now. That really makes me nervous. Right? There's a scenario here where how many years I love it, but as you know, I did a whole thing on my podcast last week. I have no idea if he's going to be able to stay on the court three years from now. You know, like the history of big guys is a little sketchy. And then the hardened piece, I don't know either. So if you're Philly, you're going all in on two guys who just aren't sure things the same way like Giannis and penciling in. Jokic and penciling in, you know, John morant, that makes me a little more nervous 'cause the way he plays, right? But you have to think long term. Like, how safe of a bet is so and so. And harden and be together. It's definitely a gamble. There's no question. That's also why for Philadelphia here, despite the fact that they might, they might feel that they could wait until the off season and get hardened for less than they could right now. For them, well, if you do that, you're wasting an MVP season by Joel embiid, but he's ran across the shear. He's one of the best bigs that we've seen the century. And if you're going to waste that just to get just to maybe get James Harden for a bit cheaper, that seems in some ways, like you're not respecting what you have this year and Joel embiid. With what you could be and with harden, there's no guarantee it works, but bring in those players that what was the line mori had four years ago, he talks about, I don't know, increased your risk profile. I think he told that the ESPN, you know, we want to raise our risk profile. We have harder than bead. You're upside is enormous. And the downside can be low, but the upside with those two guys playing together, they could beat you in any single way any single game, depending on the series, the personnel on the floor, you could play a more perimeter oriented style through pick and roll. You could play with isos. You can play with the low posts. I mean, those guys together could be an absolute dominant force in the half court when the game slows down in the fourth quarter of postseason games. That's the upside if those guys work out. And I think it's one of the rare trades that could actually be mutually beneficial for both teams with Brooklyn they said you're extending the window. You're getting a younger guy three years left in the contract. He can screen defend facilitate, do all the stuff Blake Griffin did last year and was important to that team before he fell off a cliff and with Philly for all the reasons I just stated. I mean, to me, it makes a lot of sense on paper for both teams. That's my main feeling that I have about the situation, despite how big of a deal it is, it makes sense on paper. And I agree with dealing with on paper with the caveat of we have no idea we're getting from Ben Simmons..

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