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I think he said we had from that era. We had them archived at the university of Kentucky library, which was Margaret I king library, which we always there on a Friday and Saturday night when I went to UK, but. Of. But Mike K became something else. I think it's now the WTI young library. So I I don't know if they got lost in the shuffle or thrown away or what? But I would just I would pay dearly for the nineteen seventy four there'd be coverage coverage by wave. But that was when all three of the local networks in Louisville had access to Churchill Downs during derby day. So there was all kinds of stuff going on TV wise, they broadcast straight through or did they do cut away. His they did straight through everybody did straight through. Well. Yeah. I think that ended maybe in the eighties. Yeah. So mazing. Well, anybody that might know where Marty can find this video let get in touch because he want any says it'll be the most popular tweet that he'll ever put out. Yeah. Me when I was fourteen being interviewed on TV. And it's proved that that was I have been I mean, I don't have the programs tickets or anything from so many Darby's, I've really been remiss about that having a collection like David Swayze has or you know, a lot of other people. My dad had a friend named Bob Bosley who had derby collection. Go back to the forties and fifties aid. He died when I was sixteen. So yeah, I don't know what happened to how many glasses did you? Mom's my mom's been giving them away. She's she had a basement full of so, yeah, I've got a whole bunch of those two. Everybody has I bought them on EBay. And then they started to get crazy. The old ones got started to get crazy expensive. My mom's home for two dollars because she just wanted to I'll take all right? I'll take I'll take all. She's got from from before nineteen seventy two funny. Well, Martin it's the knew we were going to have fun and to have a couple of live conversations together here at Tampa. And some thoughts about you've been handicapping Tampa all season famed as Hermes in the daily racing form selection grid, and let's let's get some picks out there and some final analysis. All right. What do you wanna talk about start with? Let's start with the might as well start with the derby. You know, had dinner with Trump battle. I always been better fan. They're all in and that horse was he's been a monster. And every race now whether or not as Mike would readily tell you whether or not that translates to a turn off or just as big is what remains to be seen. And I'm hoping it does. And you know, a lot of times outta here. St. we've got what we got seven weeks to the Kentucky Derby from now and Todd has has been prone to if he wins the the Tampa Bay derby, not run back in the in a prep for the Kentucky Derby, he just goes straight from here because you get the fifty points, you're in right? So when you and I were talking with Mike, I guess I was accustomed to guy's not running an extra prep. But Mike said, of course, he's going to have another prep. So which would be probably in the bluegrass or would. I think he said, which makes sense. But. This is obviously the toughest field he'll ever face. He's got you know, there's a lot of speed in here. Mike believes that Iran Ortiz's the man for the job to get him to relax, you know, through the opening stages down the backstretch and then make the one round that's been so powerful for him..

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