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And you're listening to talk in pets. I want to introduce to the program right now, Jesse burns and Jesse is actually a mutual rescue film participant. And they did a film on her. Jesse in Andy Andy is dog. I wanna welcome to the program Jessie burns Jesse how you doing. Doing wonderful. It's great to have you on the show with this year of talk pets. I want to introduce you to Dr J. Hi, how are you? Hi. Lexi, our producer, high very familiar, of course with mutual rescue. Actually, I put in for them to do a film on me as well. And we'll see if that happens. But also, I'm familiar with Carol Novello. She is the founder of mutual rescue wonderful woman absolutely in how did they find you? And what can you tell the audience what your story was about? And I note if they go onto mutual rescue dot org, which is the website. They can actually see this film. And it's what it's about ten minutes long mines about six minutes long. And I actually found out about messed me to rescue because of air competing, which was the first film that they put together about amazing film. If you haven't seen it, it's incredible. But about a man who adopted a dog, and then ended up losing about one hundred forty pounds credits adopting this dog with saving his life. That's actually like ninety million hits. Went viral, which is pretty impressive pretty mazing. So I saw his film, and they were doing a call for stories, and I have a story about how my dog rescued my life. My boyfriend of several years ended up committing suicide a couple of years ago, and I dotted a dog, and she really pulled me through that. And I credit her with she's the main reason I am still living today. I think and so I decided to sit my submit my story, and they actually picked it, and and made my film. No Tober is national adopt a dog month and Dr J actually here in Tampa Bay. We produced a program Dr Jared works at humane society of Tampa Bay. And did you get Andy you found Andy online, but was from shelter or it was from shelter. So I just started after my boyfriend passed away kind of only thing that sort of could get my mind off of all the terrible things that I was thinking about and sort of my my inward spiral was looking at shelter dogs online. And so I found a picture of her of her looking very very sad. She's looking directly at the camera and just she looked really pitiful. And she looked a lot how I felt. And so I just felt this immediate connection with her and she was at the local shelter and Colorado Springs, which is where I was living at the time humane society that peak region, and I ended up going down in adopting her that day. Well, we're so sorry to hear about your boyfriend. And you know, it is it's a tough world out there. And you know, every time you turn on the news. It's just getting tougher and tougher. It seems like with everything that's going on. And did did you feel that Andy kind of reached out to you? When you saw the dog on online. She did like I said, I just felt that immediate connection with her through her picture because she looked exactly how I was feeling just sort of lost in alone, and you know, sort of desperate and pitiful. And when I went into meet her, she was all of those things, but she was also, you know, a puppy. She was only eight months old at the time. And and I just immediately fell in love with her. And you know, I think like I said looking at animals, and I've always loved animals, but looking at animals and looking at you know, dogs that were needing homes was really the main thing that that sort of got my mind off of all the terrible things that were going on in my own life. You know when you would at Indy. What would you say was the biggest lesson that you learned? So I think this thing that I've learned the most from Andy is to find joy in the little things she, you know, get so excited when we go out in the backyard and place that you're when we go for a walk around the neighborhood. And I think that we could all be better at that of just like finding joy in the little things in everyday things that we do because like you said the world is a very hard place right now. And so finding that little piece of joy, I think it's so important, and I definitely learned that from her. I know one of the things that you said was to try to live in the moment. And I know some of my closest friends like, my friend, Ken, and all I mean, always telling me that try to live in the moment. Try to not live in what happened, you know, our ago or day ago or a month ago, or what you think might happen in the future. But for now is that true. That's absolutely true. And Andy is really an example of that as well. She you know, she just wants to know what are we going to do right now? Are we going to go out and play are you gonna feed me? Or are we going to go? For a walk. And and I think yeah, exactly like you said, I think we could all do that better. And not worry about the past not worry about what might happen in the future and just live for now. How long have you been living with the end? You know, I adopted her in two thousand and eleven so I guess it's been six years now how you doing doing? Okay. Absolutely. Actually, I have a boyfriend. Rated. Thank you. We just celebrated our to your aniversary, which is wonderful. He's been so supportive through this entire thing. Just because you know, I'm sure it's not easy for him to hear me talk about a previous relationship. But he just he's been so wonderful, and so supportive of me telling my story, and then we actually also about a year ago we adopted a second dog. So Andy has a little brother now, which is really for her. Yes. Exactly. So she's got a little a little brother to play with. He's a little one year old border collie. And they, you know, she's she's almost like a puppy again. They just play and romp in the backyard, and it's just wonderful. So I think she's really happy to that your boyfriend, you know, understands it kind of puts out that unconditional love from him that he cares about you so much that he's you know, his ears are opened and to help you cope with what you dealt with in the past. And you know, and learn from it and Lou from it, and and grow, and he was so supportive when I first selected to Tippett's mutual rescue. He I asked him like are you okay? With me with me with, you know, telling my story, and he said absolutely this is your story. This is your life. Who you are. I want you to tell it. So he's just been amazing. Congratulations on that. You know, all this year. We're sorry to hear about you. You know, your previous boyfriend, but it's great to have Indian your life and great to have a companion for Andy as well. And your film dressing, India's the fifth film, I believe by mutual rescues. Correct. Yeah. It's a mutual rescue this wonderful initiative that really is trying to change the conversation from people or animals to people and animals into really get across that. When you support your local animal shelter by donating or adopting animal. You're also helping the people in your community because you know, Andy, and I are perfect example of that of she really saved my life because I don't know if I could have gotten through this devastating experience without her. And so when you're supporting local shelters, you really are helping people to know, it's absolutely amazing with animals do for us. You know, my nineteen year old cat rainy was she had a brother snowy snow even difficult at times. But Rany was my Saint she was my I I used to call her my little diva she helped me through so much in my life. It was amazing in honestly, I wouldn't be here either. If it wasn't for her I believe and now after she's gone I've adopted two other kitties from the shelter and the pets. Bring so much joy into our lives. They do they really do. I think you know, they're non-judgmental. They are such a comforting presence there. So happy to see you when you get home of end of the day. And just they just, you know, like, they just at least for Andy she brought me out of myself. She made me realize there was still a life to be lived for me because she was there for me. And I can't you know, I'm forever indebted to her for that. Well, I did get to watch the film on mutual rescue dot org, which is the website, and you just click on Jesse and Andy, and it's an amazing film. I highly recommend everybody to check it out. In wanna thank you for sharing your story with us here. And please give my best to Carol. If you talk to her and everybody there at mutual rescue in our our hearts, go out to you Jesse. We're glad that you're doing well and give our best to your boyfriend. I well, thank you so much for having me on the show and definitely hugs to Andy. And the new pup I will do that take care of Jesse. Thank you so much that's Jessie burns. And again, you can actually watch her film on mutual rescue dot org. So check it out, and it's amazing. There's other films and Jesse said that too there's you know, the first film that was done. It actually went viral with ninety million hits with Eric. So I think Eric actually just wrote a book to so he's got a book out there as well. But this was a guy that was big time, overweight, and he adopted this dog and he lost all the weight. And now, he's. Runner and he's doing phenomenal the films are amazing. I mean, honestly five of them on there. I sat there and cried in every one of them, but check it out Jesse in Andy, that's the name of the film. It's the fifth film by mutual rescue and go to mutual rescue dot org. We can take a little break when we come back. We have a story by Lexi, Lexi, what you can talk about on this one rescue. We're talking about animal rescue how appropriate once again, you are listening to talk and pets, I'm John Jared Lazarus don't forget you can watch us live on talking at radio at talkin pets radio on Facebook live talkin pets radio. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram at talkin, pets dot com. G and the talking and make each checkout that film by Jesse burns mutual rescue participant, and.

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