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The girls of there's a girl group called five. They were called beach girls five and then they got old. Did they go. They weren't famous like the beach boys so beach girls five is so stupid yes does not opposite of roll off the tongue whatever then is bg five not better guys. He g five. This was like a thing. This was an era. And i can't even think of another example but this is just like ella s like just like this town the sound i in the a three numbers and like i mean even in sync like just sort of like clumped up capital letters. So we learn that this other manager kenneth crete Has asked chris to manage Manage another group. That's has seen the success that she's had with her daughters and she is interested because when robert senior was alive he was also in the biz and she always wanted to do it too but then she just kept having baby after baby after bay stopped doing that. She started having sex with people outside of her marriage so just too busy honestly. She should have started to do this earlier. Might have saved their marriage. No kendall know kylie. But i know it's like it's it is interesting that they kind of rude all the way back to robber. His entertainment world connection so had too many jobs. Too many jobs very suspicious very suspicious raises vicious. But i did a little bit of research on these girls. I was hoping oh good okay. There's not a whole lot to say other than this. Kenneth person was also a producer on the kardashian. So that's how. I chris and kenneth so she really was for a time managing them. Yeah the only thing. The girls said was they had wear matching outfits a lot and they didn't like it seeing okay. We're not matching these. They were they were told what to wear. I guess interesting. Yeah i mean. I didn't recognize any of their faces. You know sometimes you see like a ninety s group and in the case of like oh my gosh. What is the name fergie used to be in. i think it was called wild orchid Which was like a pretty failed but like moderate. Whatever you know it was a three eight three girls three women. The most famous person from this group just happens to be famous for being miley cyrus. Best friend oh really yes. Like years ago maybe still currently good friend but years ago. Like that's her buddy. Yeah i miley just posted the anniversary of her getting a narc on by friend. Smoking a bong. I wonder if i wonder she was there. I wonder the bg five member was watching miley. Be g fiji five. Khloe does say something really funny clothes like. I don't think you should be managing other people. You have enough daughters to manage in. Chris what i really loved them. She's like you love anyone who gives you ten percent and ch- it's true. It's good it'd be likes. Whoever she gets the biggest like amount of ten percent from she likes the bestest she's looking at one two three four five and thinking. Yes please. This is. Not a duo. This isn't a trio this five women she's like i'm about to double them out of women i steal from. I got a lot of freudian slips tonight and then khloe also get another jab in and says she doesn't want her to manage anyone else especially someone named rtd to which is her jab at cgi. Yes get him. get over. The girls are shooting a video at the beach. I g five and sucrose brings khloe because for a for a while in the story. I guess khloe was going to be on this story line and then decided no more. I can't handle it. Yeah yeah..

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