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And let's be honest allies. Not look good even in a game where he put up Annecy points where he had nineteen fantasy points three touchdowns. It's not a good quarterback. Well, I think that that probably answers my next question. What's the safely is next week? They played the buccaneer gift keeps on giving sixteen on a by. And there are lot of non quarterback starting teams. The jets the bills the forty Niners amongst those on a by next week. But you're not to place Tom Brady, for example, next week. And would you ally? Manning good possibly be on the street guess on the stream matchup allies on the streaming radar. Because here's the thing that you. I manning has for example, like Alex Smith did not. Yes. Past weekend. Right. Yeah. It's he has elite talent. Passage like if you can get get it somewhere near Oto Beckham junior. If you can get it somewhere near sterling shepherd or saquon Barkley or Evan Ingraham. I you know, like were bemoaning Evan Ingraham's fantasy production Evans talented player. I mean. That's right. He's so I mean, actually when you think about it when you think about all the towns running you I manning it's just it really is. It's mind boggling how bad he's been on this year. Put it that way. What was it? Maybe it wasn't a good thing for the giants to win that game yesterday because they bump up from. I believe I in the NFL draft order to third so funny. I was texting I was texting with. I'm not gonna say which team yet. But I was texting with an executive on one of the two teams last night. Yeah. And I said I said, good luck. And and the person text back and said, thanks does. That mean, you want us to win or you want us to lose because you know, both teams both teams invasion, right? What their motive like, you know? Like, right. So anyway. Yeah. I mean, what that's been beaten to that the manning thing. But to your to answer your question, do I think he li- Manning's viable streamer in week eleven against the Tampa buccaneers at home. I do because of the weapons that they have because I do believe the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will put up points against the giants here. And we think about sixteen on a buy and who are some of the viable agreement. Tina, my initial I haven't done my ranks. I do them to do them on Tuesday night. But I will he will certainly be a top twenty play for me to this week. Good for the forty Niners and finding a real running back stunned. That breed is awesome. Undrafted rookie last year. Twenty total one hundred thirty two total yards. Two touchdowns last night. Made me sweat, and they league that I was not expecting to sweat a match up where I had like a thirty five point lead or something like that going on Monday night, football and map sweat a little bit more than I was expecting to good player. Matthew looked healthy as he has all all season and beyond that, no he has had very little involvement in the passing game of late. Now, he has been our last night was good to see him getting more involved in the past. Game. It certainly was. He catches a touchdown pass. Here gets four targets three for thirty one to your point in the passing game for Morris. No shock just not used at all and obviously rookie regime. Most is out for the year to me. I think the more interesting question about Breda who is just must start. He's now must as long as he's healthy. He's must territory what becomes of this forty Niners backfield next year? When when they when they have they've got jerick McKinnon they've signed on a big money. But I don't know how you put this genie back in the bottle when you've seen. What Matt Breda has done. You call it a high society problem, and you have and you have map Rita and. For a while. I would've thought that they would be a natural fit for lady on bell despite the jerick McKinnon injury Jefferson injury makes the case for why. Go after labor on bell, right? Sure. Running backs get hurt a lot. Yeah. They have a ton of money to spend..

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