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Who they're in houston devonta freeman has had an amazing season in the backfield for you go well to michelle i was a me to this allen eggs out to gather around i mean excuse me broadcasting professional hard work here luber for the year and yes devonta freeman with the think about this falcons often stay he devonta is devonta give you the truth worried thanks he's very confident man he was last in one of our media scrum hs if the falcons are playing is goes they can kinda when when stop them i don't think so now we click and we know we own the confidence that we play and we right now for that we are stop you know here a lotta nfl players everybody so scripted now you know here a lot nfl player say we are unstoppable blunt i mean you know with their number one in in the league in points in the regular season number one of the playoffs in points most passing yards in the playoffs fifth in rushing yes when they are on that often some stop number one off its against number one defense the patriots defense has been stifling this year matt ryan facing the number one ranked patriots the friends what does he think about this match up and that's you know he always here are that bill bela checked it's cliche i got parted like a million times this week that he always takes away your number one weapon well everybody tries takeaway julio jones yeah i mean we see in a lot of different things in terms of whether it's you know zone coverage with two guys in that spot trying to take him away and playing you know basically cover to two staff to his his side we've seen bracket coverage we've seen basically put coverage on the outside down in the red zone with the get two guys pressed up and jamming ints we've seen a lot of different things to try and take him out of games and even in games where they have tried.

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