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In since becoming upa chief including the rental of the capitol hill condo owned by the wife of an influential lobbyist what we deserve to have somebody at the epa who actually does protect our environment someone who believes in climate change and takes it seriously for the benefit of assault including our children minka said quote i would urge you to resign before your scandals push you out makers encounter with pruitt which had about twenty five hundred views just more than a half hour after being posted and again twenty nine thousand us now is the latest public confrontation and trump cabinet officials faced in recent weeks white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders was asked to leave a restaurant virginia last month because of her role in the trump administration days earlier protesters separate separately confronted senior adviser stephen miller and homeland security advisor or secretary kristen nielsen as they dined at mexican restaurants in washington dc representative maxine waters democrat california called for public relations of trump officials to continue which drew outrage from democratic and republican lawmakers president trump falsely claimed waters was advocating harm against the president's supporters and water said she was forced to cancel to public events over the weekend because of a series death threat what why would the writers say that he falsely claimed that she was harassment is illegal it is harm bodily harm what does these writers do that stop it the public ignited debate surrounding civility in politics in the correct way to protest a correct way to protest policies and figures with which one doesn't agree video of a woman's encounter recruit all also comes as he faces more scrutiny about possible ethics violations of ethics official at the environmental protection agency called for an investigation uproot over the weekend there you go so i guess listen stupid people do stupid things and i think this is a stupid thing that she did but we're living in a society where there's a loud minority and i don't mean that racial ages be the minority of the people because most of us aren't doing this but there's a loud minority who says yeah it was right where you're dead you go girl am straight the maxine waters impeach voted harass the weather so you got all that going on and for some reason this is like okay is that of saying on her facebook page i'm embarrassed by what i did but i felt like i had to do it i had it to do it all over again i wouldn't remember how who was it can't remember the guy's name joe wilson somebody like that from south carolina representative of south carolina who went president obama said illegals would not benefit from the affordable care act obamacare and his state of the union hilda you lie remember that and you've got big trouble he's racist he would never do that with a white president blah blah blah ended up apologizing i shouldn't have done in that forum or something like that yet for some reason the other side now is applauding people accosting others as they eat as they go to the movies as they get gas the protocol was you don't yell out at the president during a daily union and he got slapped to the risk for doing it now we're applauding people for actually confronting the scott brooks not giving a speech here and this is an app the epa offices he's any lunch very weird to me very strange and yet as we as we continue as a society this isn't slowing down in fact it's gaining steam and you know what's going to happen and i mean this the.

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