President Trump, Senator Corker, Donald Trump discussed on Here & Now - October 12, 2017: Hour 1


Was speaking of his promises i have one more question for you about tax reform this is something that the president has said that he wants to do but he said that about repealing and replacing the affordable care act and republicans were unable to do that given the fight that's been going on with senator corker and other republican senators do you think that president trump is going to be able to get a tax overhaul through this year i think what you've touched on is one of the fundamental problems that is affecting the president to at this point in time which used the frustration that he's getting nothing done and so he's re spree acting to that frankly what he needs to understand is that his biggest problem is governing he's he's gotta be able to gover he's got to be able to work with people like senator corker and others in the congress if he's going to deliver on tax reform uh he hasn't been able to do that he doesn't have anybody in the white house who seems to have the ability to do that and so out of frustration he striking out at people and the more he does that the more he diminishes ability to to deliver on anything you were in the obama administration how much do you think what he does has to do with just dislike of president obama and tried to undo everything that president obama did well you know there's no question i think that that plays a role but if you're press in the united states you're going to be tested in history by what you accomplish not what you've torn down not the bridges that you brought down but the bridges that you have built.

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