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700 wlw dot com A grand jury returns a three count indictment of a Louisville police officer. But none of the charges directly linking the officer to Briana Taylor's death. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron saying Based on the evidence, the officers who fatally shot Briana Taylor were justified in doing so because Taylor's boyfriend shot at them. Instead, former officer Brett Hankerson has been charged with three counts of first degree wanted endangerment for firing into the home, though none of those bullets hit Taylor Cameron, saying he knows it's not the outcome some wanted. We really want the truth. Or do we want a truth? It fits our narrative. He says that people react on emotion were outraged. There is no Justice Ryan Burrow, ABC News president Trump saying he wants Justice Ginsburg's replacement confirmed before Election Day. In the case of Supreme Court has to once again decide an election in the White House cabinet room. It's very important that we have nine justices President Trump Meeting state's attorney's general discussing law and order and voting rules and his unproven claim there will be widespread mail in voter fraud. I think this will End up in the Supreme Court if it does the post election fight to see who won could drag into December as it did in the case of Bush versus Gore and the field. ABC NEWS Washington, California Taking another controversial step when it comes to climate change rules, the state banning the sale of new gasoline powered vehicles after 2035 with electric vehicles from Tesla afford an alley behind him, Governor Gavin Newsom announcing he's ordering the state to ban the sale of gasoline powered vehicles after 20 30,000. Five and that it's a warning to vehicle makers of a deadline they need to meet if they want to compete in the nation's top vehicle market. In the next 15 years, we will eliminate in the state of California the sales of internal combustion engines. Newsom says. He knows California will face pushback from certain parts of the industry and likely the Trump Administration, but that he says California has a legal right to make the move. Alex Stone, ABC News, Los Angeles or news any time on demand it 700 wlw dot com. I'm Sean. Bigger news radio 700 wlw on my heart radio online on your smartphone, iPad and tad 700 wlw dot com Be in America. Sloan here. 700 wlw. Welcome to the show on a beautiful first date have fallen by what a half hour's up. I think, which is kind of weird. I just counted at midnight. More on my defund defund winter movement in just a little bit, But, uh, this morning on the show. We've got lots going on keeping eye. What's gonna happen in Louisville this morning? I guess we're expecting. I heard that we're expecting word on whether or not a grand jury is going to move to indict cops, The cops and the Briana Taylor killing And I heard maybe 10 30 ish. But again, that's just a rumor, If indeed it happens today or tomorrow whenever we'll have it for you here on 700 wlw, So we'll follow that because the entire city of Louisville is locked down right now. I mean, it looks like they're ready for hurricane. It's incredible. Um, we have this. Speaking of well, I don't know. Needless death and violence, maybe in Westwood, the mom of a six year olds been charged with child endangerment after shot himself. And of course, we just had that 10 year old accidentally shot and tragically killed by another child that was in, I believe in Finney Town. Just the other day. Now, these things are completely 100% preventable, right kids, and I were talking about little kids getting ahold of firearms. So there's been a proposal on the table for sometime in Ohio. It's called House Bill 2 40 of Force parents to keep guns locked up when not in use under lock and key or security, fashion like that, and a higher up Bridget Kelly is one of the co sponsor of this joins me on the show this morning to talk about it. On 700 wlw. Brigitte. Good morning. How are you? Good morning, honey. Thanks for having me. Yeah, of course. Eso. What is the bill? Say? What's the proposal here? So our proposal is a child Access Prevention mon is something that representative just Miranda, also from Cincinnati, and I are working on together, and it basically says, if you have a firearm in your home that could reasonably be accessed by a minor. You need to walk it up. You know, I think that we could spend this show your show tomorrow and the next day and the next day talking about all of these tragedies that have happened in our community, but also all across the country. And so we think this is just a very common sense way to try to ensure that kid's parents and families can be safe. Okay? And so what is the bill? Say? How's it read? So the bill essentially says if you have a firearm in your home, you have to walk it up on Ben. If a child of a minor accesses it, then you will be criminally charged. So we had one hearing in the house so far in the Criminal Justice Committee, but really the impetus Or this is exactly what you were just talking about it all of these instances of kids getting her hands on a firearm and very tragic accidents occurring, you know whether it's a Two year old who accidentally killed their grandmother because they found her gun in her purse. We've had siblings who accidentally killed each other because they've had access to a gun. One of the most shocking statistics that that we learned when we were working on this is that 73% of kids. That are under the age of 10 said that they knew where their parents kept their guns. And 36% of them admitted that they had handled them before, And that's really that is really scary, because you know there's a lot going on in the world right now. People are stressed. People are concerned about what's going on with their jobs, their kids school and everything else. But, you know, we're still having all of these instances of kids that are just getting access to guns. When when they shouldn't. Okay. So, Bridget, what? One of the numbers and I mean, we have something like so far in Cincinnati. We've had at least one shooting..

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