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You're listening to the weekend edition of the larger online. always good to have you here in studio by the way next week of the show we're going to check in with our friends from the state chamber finalists were going on and new study about Indiana hospitals whether they have a lesser monopoly in some areas and that's what maybe all rights of the cost of your healthcare is all that is on next Saturday show right now though while we're Thomason this come up in a couple of Saturdays it is indeed part fast be A. R. D. not Martha's I know when you hear bill you think bar I understand that but it's more the Shakespeare Mark fast and it's three Shakespeare shows are taking place all over it's a clear mass apple they don't any fringe theatre and join us in studio is anyone at all who is in Henry the fourth Eric Bryan who is directing hamlet and man may see who's working there should also anti Erica man thank you all very much to talk about it we appreciate it thank thank you Sir I should be here okay so let's start with the one that everybody's heard of Eric hamlet let me get some guys step dad kills his dad he's mad ticked off he's got a skeleton in his head so as to be or not to me than steps a little guy behind the curtains and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead Abdul spoiler. pretty much pretty much that did that supplied I'm actually playing Claudius in in hamlet and and choreographing the fights but yeah that's it's a classic tale it's been around people have seen it but I don't think it's the growth they have seen a hammock quite like this we have. we just sort of affectionately started calling it not your mama's hamlet dug the the director has dug powers has sort of dusted off the script and taking a look at it from a different perspective and there's a lot of political intrigue there's a love story there's a ghost story there's the murder there's also the wordings Washington DC get Washington DC in Denmark exactly what what what's funny is because while one things about Shakespeare always sell people in hamlet in particular that even though all the six plays in like say your you know your fifteenth and sixteenth centuries that's just and that's a really necessary for for the play to work correct yeah yeah and you you see that in all sorts of productions I mean we'd productions are set in modern times are set in the you know different continents there said in different cultures hamlet is is is but as are most of Shakespeare's works they're very timeless and they're very relevant to modern audiences now let's jump over to to man made because then you're doing Lear shadow yes and I think for most people the most on on a good day if you mention Lear the thinking king where right on a good day on a good day at we kind we refer to this as baby layer. because it is basically a play within a play by play a a woman who is an artistic director of the theater and that sort of the framework I get to do. Liers greatest hits really I get to do all of the big speeches it's the chance of a lifetime for for a female to get to play Lear is extraordinary now while that's the other thing too and I was going to miss the people it's of the interesting about Shakespeare is the the interchangeable the of of roles in character and it's not just a bunch of white guys stand around in green tights yelp staring at a wall with their hands all up in the air you can actually have a little fun with that why make clear female. well it's a. it's not that Blair is the female but the character that I play is a female and she is doing there for several reasons with better explained within the play. and you come to see that live here. as he is played if he is in in the place she says you have to play him as a human being if you play him as a human being he doesn't necessarily have to be a man it's like so much of Shakespeare it's universal we are talking today to man may see Eric Bryan and said we can't in a second with anywhere that they are all participating in Indy part first by the way in the park fence dot com opera is my favorite director Clint ops I would miss it at least twelve times on the air said eleven times yesterday so now just made my twelve obligation today anymore because I Tober seventeenth through the twenty seven dollars and just started a couple weeks in two days and some change hi Anne you are in Henry the fourth that's correct which by the way no offense to hamlet and clear channel god love you and god bless you. this kind of my favorite. why would. because I kind of play plan king and. out of a couple lines of general Chang from Star Trek six and the director really like the way you said it and then the Mexican L. wall again once a member heights by Monday off book what the hell is that all about. eight hundred involved in all this I've I've known Glenn Dobbs whose are director for years and I've dabbled in theater and the the opportunity came actually all ten or so years ago to do Henry five with director Dobson of fell in love with the historical aspect in Glenn's ability to brain multi faceted theater all into one production as you've heard already you get everything from humor to history to the love story to the murder to the intrigue it's it's just a great combination and it makes for a very exciting as you found out doing the productions up to this point it keeps it moving at such a fast pace it's just nothing but excitement and also the thought was really interesting like to just kind of going to the rehearsal schedule now and the whole nine process and having not been on stage in a in a while it's not enough acting line memorization of passi is the first time I think we kind of ran like act one and so I was just amazed at how fast so quickly when you put the whole thing together it just moves so fast so quickly it is not your stared decide it's not your we're great great great great great great grandfather Shakespeare that this is just take for ever and ever like die hamlet already just Donna Douglas are yeah and how how about we just not be and call the fricking day. well this all just moves just so fast Bob so quickly so no did we did behavior the fourth and do the run through how's that for him with an earlier shadow. the hamlet right now we we just we did a line through last night and it's going very quickly it's going very quickly dug his cut the script quite a bit and sort of taking out take out some parts of it that are typically not as as germane to the story but he's also brought in some some aspects of the script that in some ways people usually tend to forget about for example the the subplot of Fortin Bryce over running Denmark so it's going very quickly I I don't have an exact runtime on it yet but but about a hose I always tell people it moves faster than you think so okay no yeah if you go you will be bored you will be kinda no not not offering you're not trying to wake back up it really does and we've we've done a lot to to sort of keep the action moving you know one of the things that Shakespeare is really great about wise tapping into his audiences sensibility about violence I know that there's some violence in in Henry FOR there's certainly some violence in hamlet and so you know the it for a modern audience I think that they can really identify with the action aspect of it up now to get you chime in order before take a quick break sure well our show is actually only about fifty minutes it's a modern place so. half of it at least half of it is just modern language and. the soliloquies that are interspersed the are as I said they were there the. the most famous and the most emotional and then. most extraordinary Shakespearean language in the play so they're hardly boring and we trying not to make them but it's only fifteen minutes and you can get your tickets at Indy part has come through the exact same thing our guests today are any Burnett Eric right and then may seek their part of indie bark fests Henry the fourth hamlet and we're shuttle they'll be playing October seventeenth through the twenty seventh and I can never remember the theater because I don't hang out a lot on that corner of massive I just was right down the street from the animal club that is the any friends here in the district theater formally known as a theater on the square my memory serves me correctly just right there that mass at St Clair in that corner bollocks and continue our conversation with our gas investment you're listening to the weekend edition of angle large here on ninety three W. 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