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That's right. Yeah, and much more magical if you magin ringing the doorbell of Christopher Walken house on trigger on Halloween instead of me acting that. So you see the chasm between these two things and then Jamie and I went to see Christopher Walken and the mcdonagh play of beheading in Spokane on Broadway. And so after it's great, you know, mazing actors, Sam, Rockwell, and Anthony Mackie, and the actress whose name I always forget. She's so brilliant, just four hundred. So afterwards, I say, well, let's go up. Jamie, you haven't met him. We, we go to dressing him, say Hello and stage manager. Hi, I guess a friend of Chris? Yeah, series of to. So we go up there. He is. He welcomes us in, we sit down as he sits in front of the makeup. It takes his makeup off. And if I hadn't asked a couple of questions, no one would have spoke the entire time we were there. Wow. Yeah, which gives you the feeling maybe you weren't welcome to begin with. Because a man is play. Looks like it's just an incredible thing to be a part of. Yeah. And then back to the makeup, lot of one word answers and you know, not not unpleasant or seemingly put off by us being there just very little, which left me with, okay. This was maybe as surreal and and as bizarre of of owed experiences as I may not have known I wanted, but did. So yes. So my world around him has been both of those bizarre think it's and then someone sent me a clip of him on on Conan work. Conan ask, said, you know, a lot of people impersonate you, do you have a favorite? And he said, well, Kevin does a great, and then there was a debate online, whether it was Kevin Spacey or me at any rate that's a Christopher Walken story. Now, the last part of our show is called Kevin's pop quiz. Yep. I'm going to ask you three questions between five and fifteen points possible for each of these three questions. Once the final score is tabulated it'll be posted on our website along with the current standing at the top one hundred. Are you ready? Okay. Question number one, Keith, David, or David, Keith. Oh. David, that's correct question to Carl weathers or the weather in Carlsbad. Carl as also true. Last question, Steve Conrad, correct. There's this three for three. He's in the top one hundred mmediately. Thank you so very much. Thank you, Kevin. This is fun. Yeah, just a conversation, longtime fan. And likewise. Yeah, thank you very much for that. And thanks for sharing. With with with candor knees as much of your stories I could get out of you today. Sometime in November season two patriot. In the meantime, it might be the ninth time go to Amazon prime right now. You've already got it just to get the two day shipping, and now you've got all this free program.

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