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Today's episode of holding court is brought to you by edible arrangements now we can all agree how they shopping is the worst you have many people to buy four friends family clients business partners never know what to get asked me anyway you're always doing it last minute ashes me and it's exhausting and in a midseason i gotta tell you how they shopping is not high on anybody's list my friends at edible arrangements here in connecticut make holiday gift being so he's guises fruit and chocolate arranged to look like flowers it's bright these are an incredible hit people love them it's amazing to see the reactions when they get deliver and you know what stands out in your house because there's nothing else out there like the fruit is fresh the is gourmet and the presentation is impressive so here's how it works there are 35 edible stores here in connecticut now that sounds like you can eat 35 stores they're all locallyowned sodhi small business owners and their teams make the gifts fresh every day and handdelivered you place the order and they do the rest they have tons of great customize gifts that everyone on your list will love i'm talking chocolate cover strawberries bananas apple wedges pineapple all absolutely delicious give your local edible arrangements store call today or visit edible dot com to check out what they have to offer believe me i've used these guys unbelievable unbelievable i'm telling you these are championship worthy holiday gifts give them a call.

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