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Welcome back to the larry elder show that's incredible shows the investigation truly was a sham you know combing came out and said waugh he made the decision in july while his deputies were interviewed by government officials and they said well he began drafting the statement in early may maybe even as early as april before they had interviewed seventeen seventeen key witnesses including clinton i remember they gave him unity all those witnesses and everyone was outraged and now we know why they gave him unity because they were going to prosecute anybody why getting away wide let testimony our grand jury getting a way of this sham investigation will give everyone immunity and just percent late of in one s t h e triple eight nine seven one seven two four three the spring on my brother kirk kirk that cut i just not played is from the head of judicial launch and he is a lawyer and he says that this memo suggested james colmey hit the side of the hillary was guilt free months before your you'd her and several other witnesses of course i think it was a whole big we could open a park any work with one kill we would nominated for the gruntal democrat they were doing everything possible the keeper clean kirk i'm just i'm just stunned by your cynicism i can't believe how cynical yorker to confront right kirk i sent you an article about this retreat i'm a banana peel reich students of university of mississippi ended early fa for a weekend fraternity retreat at the university of mississippi according to a national review column ended early saturday because the students who is banana peel away in a tree in some students who saw it got frighten that the peel was a racist attack three black students saw a banana peel on a tree and they assumed that somebody i guess put it there as a racist symbol against them and one of the kids his name is ryan swanson admitted that he put it they're not because he wanted to up this black people because he couldn't figure out what it for the banana peel the banana three three through it up he's a conservationist perkin environmentalists correct wire banana would give me upset but i don't know if he looked up if you look if you looked up and you saw banana the.

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